Who said chocolates can’t be healthy?


Calling all the chocolate lovers. It’s time to break the taboo. Whoever said chocolates are unhealthy are wrong. Rejoice! A chocolate bar is in fact a healthier alternative to promote your overall well-being. You’ll be surprised to know what the consumption of chocolates does to your body every day. Brace yourself as we present to you the amazing benefits of a bar of chocolate. Come, let us all take a look below: 

  1. Boosts immunity 

Raise your hands if you or your loved ones often suffer from stubborn cough and cold. In that case, we have the perfect solution. A bar of dark chocolate. Why? Well, the phenolic compounds found in cocoa strengthens the immune system while the cocoa found in dark chocolate amps up the body resistance. Interesting, eh? So, give personalised chocolates to the ones in need of an immunity booster. 

  1. Lowers cholesterol levels 

Here’s a little secret: You can now lower your cholesterol levels. Thanks to dark chocolates! Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. Research proves that a dark chocolate bar reduces the appetite that stimulates hunger. This in turn lowers your cravings and promotes weight loss. Isn’t that amazing? We bet it is! 😀

  1. Enhances sports performance 

If you are an athlete, you might probably cut down the consumption of sweets from your diet, right? But, hey, did you know having chocolates actually boost your athletic performance. Yes, it indeed does. That’s simply because the nitric oxide found in chocolates significantly impacts your performance. Amazing, right? So, don’t be surprised if your nutritionist introduces a bar of chocolate at some point in your routine. 

  1. Improves brain function

Quite often, it is seen that chocoholics are the smartest people around. Wondering why? Well, consuming a chocolate bar regularly has been found to significantly help the function of the brain. Thanks to the neuroprotective compounds found in cocoa! And hey, guess what? Even researches prove that flavonol-rich cocoa consumption improves memory and cognitive function. 

  1. Avoid sunburns 

Everybody knows SPFs protects you from the harsh sunlight. But hey, chocolates? Well, as surprising as it sounds, chocolates actually work wonders too, especially dark ones. You know why? Well, the flavonols present in chocolates prevent sun damage as well as increases skin density. 

  1. Promotes glowing skin 

You might love eating chocolates. But hey, this one reason can most definitely make you go gaga over it. Get your hands on dark chocolates right away as the presence of bioactive compounds in them work well on your skin. Not only does it promote healthier skin but also improves the blood flow to your skin. So, welcome a generous amount of chocolates in your diet and bid farewell to unhealthy skin today! 😀

So, ladies and gentlemen. Your takeaway is to wholeheartedly welcome chocolates in your regime. But hey, be careful about which ones to introduce in your diet. While milk and white chocolates are a straight no-no, dark chocolates won’t do any harm. So, be wise with the selection and buy personalised birthday gifts to help your loved ones lead a healthy lifestyle! 

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