Hat making may be familiar to us. Where this has been done by several communities to meet various needs. In making a hat, of course you need a convection service, right? but in Indonesia there are many services to choose from. However, every convection, of course, has a different quality. Therefore, you must be able to choose a hat making servicequality and recommended in Indonesia. Now you can find various models to attractive designs in some of these services. The need for hats today is very diverse. Where the hat is made and tailored to their needs. So it is not surprising that we often find various models of hats with different designs. Such as hats for fashion, hats for promotion, hats for parties and many others hats shop like

We can even find the types of materials used in making this hat with a variety of choices. Where several materials for making hats have different qualities and prices. that is why we often find the same type of hat but the quality of the material is different. For those of you who are currently going to make a hat at a convection service. then you have a lot of things to watch out for. One of them is choosing the right ingredients. Well … for those of you who don’t know what hat materials are often used in making hats . the following types of materials you should know:


Usually referred to as the SAB cloth. The material for this one is coarse and quite thin. This type of fabric is usually used as a hat inset and for hat-making materials. This is because the price is affordable.

Drill This

type of fabric has an oblique striped motif and has a smooth texture. The color choices are quite complete, so it can be used to make many hat models.

Rapel The

texture of this rapel material is similar to jeans, but thinner with oblique striped yarn fibers. For this type of material, it can also be used to make hats for various models.


The distinctive feature of this felt is that the fabric is slightly furry and quite thick. Usually this hat can be used for party needs or other agency hats.


In addition to being used as a material for making jackets, it turns out that this canvas material can also be used to make hats. This fabric has fibers with straight lines and is slightly rough. This material can also be used to make all types and styles of hats.


Has a soft material and is slightly stiff when compared to drill cloth.


material master is almost the same as the farmatex fabric, but the fabric is a little thinner.


It can be said that this royal material is at a higher level than the matador material. The brand that is often used to make hats is royal carveno. The price is slightly more expensive than the matador material. Many consumers use this type of fabric to make hats for party needs.


In making hats , there are indeed many models that you can choose from. such as snapback hats, buckets and many others. where the hat model will certainly be more attractive if you add a few design touches. Be it pictures or writing. Usually for this design there are 2 models to choose from. Namely, chiffon designs to embroidery designs. both have their own uniqueness. Which can make the hat look more attractive. however the two designs have differences. for those of you who are curious about the difference between an embroidered hat and a screen printing hat. the following is the explanation.

Embroidered hat

Hats using embroidery designs, namely design applications using tight threads on the surface of the fabric. Where this embroidery can be adjusted to a predetermined design pattern. There are two types of embroidery that are usually done in making hats in Bandung, namely:

Manual embroidery

This hand embroidery technique is often referred to as hand embroidery. where in the process of making this embroidery hat is done manually using hand skills. For this hand embroidery model, the embroidery stitch is more varied, while the process takes longer. Because it takes precision and hand skills. In terms of the art of manual embroidery it has its own value, especially if those who do it are very skilled. Usually consumers who often order this manual embroidered hat for art or personal needs and are not mass produced. So that this hat is arguably unique and not on the market.

Computer embroidery

Using computer embroidery is of course different from manual embroidery hats. Where to use computer embroidery is certainly faster and is often used in convection services in making embroidered hats. Of course, before using computer embroidery, it must be arranged first. The form of the setting can be in the form of embroidery designs, writing or names. Even though the work is done using a machine, the results are very neat and good.

Screen printing hat

Maybe for screen printing, this is more popular for this type of shirt or t-shirt. But with screen printing, it can also be used on hats. where using the screen printing technique on this hat is getting a good response for consumers. where consumers can apply the desired design to the hat with clearer and more detailed results. Where to apply screen printing on this hat is usually done on various fabrics such as lotto and canvas types. In addition, the type of ink used is such as ruber, plastisol and others.

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