Tips for sanding wooden floors


Sanding wood , sanding parquet or any other type of wood surface share the same objective: to achieve a sanding that smoothes and evens the surface without damaging the wood. Tips for sanding wooden floors using Bosch power tools. Or you can ask for help from the professional at

Achieving a perfect finish the easy way is what Bosch power tools (in this case, sanders) give you. With them you can sand any type of materials and surfaces: furniture, doors, windows, sanding wood, sanding parquet, putty, plastic and other varieties.

The sanders Bosch offer a very wide application. The advantages of the orbital sander offer you fast and fine sanding on smooth surfaces. Whether it’s sanding wood, sanding parquet or any other type of flat surface, the Bosch orbital sander excels on materials like wood and metal.

The Bosch orbital sander

The oscillating and vibrating movement of its sanding area provides a perfect finish – on both large and small surfaces (although this is recommended for sanding large ones).

Its rectangular sanding plate provides a very good starting force and has a very very quiet motor.

We cannot ignore the microfilter system of this sander, which is responsible for sucking up the dust that is generated during the sanding procedure.

Tips for sanding wooden floors

The first thing that should be done is a general floor sanding, that is, sand the entire surface and remove all the varnish that was previously there and make it dark.

Now, if it is a parquet floor, its maintenance requires special care.

Use handheld orbital sanders – this will take longer, but it is the surest way to prevent your parquet floor from accidentally scratching.

If the floor is made of planks, it is advisable to sand in a parallel way (in the direction of the planks).

Use a smaller grit of sandpaper for finer finishes.

After sanding, a general cleaning should be carried out to later apply the varnish.

If it is a wooden floor:

For this type of floor, the ideal would be to use a mop or vacuum cleaner with a built-in brush.

Stains can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth.

It can also be done with a mop, but well wrung out so that the water does not penetrate the wood.

An electric sander is an indispensable tool in any DIY kit . Thanks to it, we can sand and polish wood, metal, plastic and even plasterboard or plasterboard walls to give it a perfect finish.

This is the case of the Bosch PSM 80 A multi-sander , which has been chosen as the best sander of the moment according to the opinions, reviews and ratings of Amazon users. It has a carrying case, offers 80 W of power and has the brand’s patented microfile system to collect dust. Undoubtedly, a versatile, easy-to-use and effective model both on large surfaces of any material and for working on corners, edges and profiles that, of course, have broad competition.

The best, our choice: Bosch PSM 80 A multi-sander with case

The best sander of the Bosch brand according to the opinions of Amazon users thanks to the note of 4.3 out of 5 with 59% of maximum ratings that they have reported. José L says of it that it is “a clean and easy to use low-vibration oscillating spindle sander”, to which Luis adds that “its ergonomic design is ideal so that even those of us who are mere DIY enthusiasts can carry out quality work on wood and metal ”.

In this case we are talking about a Bosch multi-sander with a microfile system. In particular, it is a connection for dust extraction that effectively collects the particles and takes them to an easy-to-clean container. It also has a closure that facilitates the change of sandpaper and a triangular plate with a delta tip that, on the one hand, allows access to corners and complicated surfaces and, on the other, makes the most of the blade. Includes a carrying case and 3 RedWood sandpaper sheets.

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