What Are Safety Shoes And Shoe Codes


The shoes which protect the toes from heavy objects with a protective reinforcement are referred to as safety shoes.

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The safety shoes shop (ร้าน รองเท้า เซฟตี้, which is the term in Thai) consists of top 10 safety shoes like, Acme men’s which has 200 joules impact resistance, kavacha steel which is lightweight, comfortable and synthetic, Aktion safety with high sweat absorbing lining is oil and acid resistance sole, Manslam is designed along with safety toe cap, wild bull men’s provides optimum safety with single density sole, Hillson is flexible footwear with soft upper and harder sole, Allen copper is lined with moisture-wicking breathable fabric and Bata industrials bora is abrasion-resistant. Whereas nylon tubular laces give high tensile strength.

Safety Shoe Codes

The codes that represent the safety level of the footwear are referred to as safety shoe codes. The products with Mark (C E) are approved and follow all the European Union regulations. Requirements for safety shoes are referred by EN ISO 20345 and Requirements for occupational safety shoes are referred by EN ISO 20347. Information about the protection level is provided by specific codes. Type 1 of EN ISO 20345 is made up of polymer uppers. Four codes of type 1 are SB, S1, S2, and S3. The lowest safety level of this standard is Safety Basic (SB). S1 is the energy absorption heel and oil resistant. S2 prevents water penetration and S3 is the midsole penetration resistance. Type 2 of EN ISO 20345 is completely made up of polymers. Three codes of type 2 are SB, S4, and S5.

Type 1 of EN ISO 20347 consists of four codes OB, O1, O2, and O3. OB is slip-resistant and O1 is the closed heel area. Type 2 of EN ISO 20347 consists of three codes OB, O4, and O5. On the sole of the safety shoes, a clock-like symbol refers to the indication of the expiry date from their manufacturing date. The Carolina linesman steel toe footwear is an electro hazard with heavy-duty steel shank steel toe. Dog handling, firearms officers, etc are the special styles for different police requirements. Big boot safety shoes are used in engineering industries.

So, these are the types of safety shoes available in the market and their shoe codes.

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