Top 6 Modular Switches in India – Revealed


In today’s time, switches have become very important in every house. People would not look into it much until now, it’s become a style statement. Picking the best modular switches for the home is essential. It has to be both efficient and also should go with the home decor.

Modular switches are more resistant and robust, holding a higher capacity to control the heat waves. They are made out of polycarbonates, so they have an extended life expectancy than plastic or porcelain electrical switches.

There is a wide range of modular switch available in India; here is the list of the best six brands that have the best quality ones:


Legrand is one of the top modular switches brands in India. Legrand has been delivering end to end solutions for the residential and commercial industry. This brand has high-quality switches with a variety of extraordinary designs. They provide modular switches according to the interior design of your home.

They also have a range of switches that serve the purpose of any emergency at night. It is worth the money since they also last for a long time.


Havells also comes in one of the best brands for modular switches in India. It is prevalent for its electronic devices like power batteries, coolers, etc.; if you search for controls with sophisticated and unique designs, Havells is for you.

The best part about the modular switches from the Havells range is that they are eco-friendly and have a metal covering to avoid shocks.


Anchor switches are also viral in India. This brand is famous for the security and protection they provide. Anchor is a very trusted brand in India. Its modular switches come with IP protection with sockets, screws and shield protection.

The best part is they are straightforward to install and maintain.


Wipro has the best modular switches in India 2021. Wipro has always followed the phrase ‘innovation is the key to success for fast growth in the market. An even better thing is that Wipro makes customised modular switches according to people’s requirements.

They are convenient and easy to install, reducing the cost of installation and saving time.


Philips provides a wide range of modular switches. It is a well-known brand for its tube lights, heaters, coolers etc. Another fantastic thing about them is that they come with a ten years warranty.

Philips always have long-lasting electrical products, which are why people admire their devices.

6.GM Modular

GM Modular has the best modular switches for home offices. They have a lot of designs and are unique. GM Modular was the first company to launch new generation modular switches in India with an automation system at home. They have plans that complement your lifestyle.

These are the best go-to brands for modular switches. You should check Legrand for more information related to not just switches but also other electrical appliances.

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