Top Styling Tips for Apple Shape Body


An apple shaped body is known as an “O” shape body, and that rejoices! The biggest advantage of this body shape is having slim legs and bigger bust. The only con of this body shape is broader shoulders and large fat accumulated at the abdomen area. But, if you choose the right clothes to wear then you can also flatter your unique frame. In this blog, we are going to tell you how an apple-shaped body woman can flaunt in the same way as an A-line body woman does. These top styling tips on an apple-shaped body are designed to make you feel great about your body type.

So, let’s get started.

  1. Begins with the upper wear- tops

The fashion industry considers everybody’s shape. They design and fabricate clothes to cater to the needs of everyone. For apple body shape women, they have come with flowy tunics, boyfriend shirts, and breezy A-line Silhouette. When it comes to fabric, always purchase the tops that are available in thicker cotton, raw silk, and tweed (avoid jersey, rayon).

As you get what types of tops suit your body. Now, how to wear these tops in style. Now, to finish the look, we have run down the bottom wear and accessories that make you dressier.

  1. Next, jump into bottom wear

Denim is forever loved by women. You can wear any underwear on denim effortlessly. But, sometimes wearing a simple t-shirt on denim makes you feel bored. To add some spark of fashion, you have to add some more stuff on you like a jacket, shrug, coat, and duster. If it is summer, then you can cover your look with a cotton shrug or a long cotton boy shirt. Or, if there is winter, then you have a wide range of choices to finish your look.

Now, you already know that denim is the best bottom wear for you. But, some apple shape body women hesitate to wear skirts. There are a wide variety of skirts for an apple shape body available in the showrooms. Mini skirts, floral full-length skirts, knee-length skirts and umbrella skirts that make you look ultra-stylish.

People love anything that makes their legs classic and stylish. We come with a few pants that surely give you the best formal look. high waist, boot cut, straight and belt pants are the perfect pants for you that draw the attention on the legs.

  1. Wrap dresses for apple shape body

Finding the perfect party outfit for an apple shape body woman is sometimes very frustrating. The weight of the apple-shaped body women is generally collected in the abdomen area, and their shoulders are also broad. The wrap dresses are the perfect solution for all the women who want to flatter your figure. You can wear a short black lace dress, retro-style dress, blazer style dress, workwear dress, and shirt dress. There are no bounds for the women who want to wear off-shoulder dresses, empire waist, and bias-cut dresses.


If you want to travel with style, then wear pointed belly, converse shoes, sports shoes, and kind of footwear with ease. If you are wearing everyday outfits, then flats or sports shoes on them. If you are wearing skirts or dresses, then you can wear wedges and high-heels.


Now, we are going to finish this look by adding accessories. There is no connection between body shape with accessories. You can wear any type of watch, hat, belt, carry bag, shoes, and jewelry that you love to carry. But, never mismatch the accessories with the outfit. Like wearing jewelry like bracelets on a simple t-shirt and denim doesn’t look good on you. Instead of it, you can wear a watch or maybe a leather band.

Some amazing facts of an apple shape body

  • The belly of the body is known as an apple shape. If your apple is not slim then a straight-cut skirt is not for you.
  • The apple-shaped body’s shoulder is broader than hips. So, wearing skinny leggings doesn’t make you relax all day.
  • The only sad thing about an apple-shaped body is you don’t define your waistline.
  • The apple shape body can beat the A-line shape body if the dressing is done perfectly.

A final thought

Everybody is different. This guide on styling tips on an apple-shaped body helps you find an ideal everyday outfit or party outfit that allows you to flaunt your body effortlessly. No matter how much fat is accumulated in your abdomen area, the outfits we have mentioned above are easily available at online platforms or you can visit Yishion SG. Here you will find the latest collection of skirts for apple shape body. So choose the right ones that suit your body type and appear more stylish.

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