Safe and Useful Travel Backpacks as Needed


It is the number one accessory for the traveler. He will accompany you for years around the world. Also, choosing your backpack is important and requires time to think. Here’s what to help you with.

We exclude here the suitcases which are only suitable for trips in urban areas. For most trips, nothing beats a good backpack. Now with the anti-theft travel backpack in you can go on using with proper safety.

  • It allows both hands free when walking and they are versatile bags. You can both use them for a trek and move with your luggage whatever the terrain.

  • Bag size and capacity
  • Your backpack should not be too large or too small, ideally being proportional to your body size.

  • As you know, the larger a bag, the more we are tempted to fill it. Very often, everything you put in it will not be useful to you. Even for a world tour.

Two styles of bag for traveling

The classic backpack

There are several styles of bag. The important thing is that it is comfortable. Thus, it must be adapted to your morphology.



  • Discovery of a country, city, hike or trek
  • Side pockets and other accessories: straps, nets, etc.
  • Lighter than suitcases
  • Cheaper than the latter
  • On the downside, this type of bag is less secure, in the sense that it is easier to open it.

Suitcase backpacks

Here is another interesting alternative. These backpacks offer a large compartment opening like a suitcase. They also have wheels and a folding handle. They thus offer more comfort.

These bags offer a certain compromise between the suitcase and the backpack.

Suspenders and belts

The suspenders are really important. They must be comfortable for walking. Opt for a bag with the “adjustable back” option.

Another thing: the charge reminders are straps connecting the suspenders to the backpack. By pulling on these straps, your bag will stick to your body.

  • The quality of ventilation between the back and the bag is also not to be overlooked.

  • The belt is an important element of comfort. It will relieve you by carrying a large part of the weight of the bag on your pelvis and not on your back.

  • For a long walk, it’s really a plus.


Opt for a bag with two compartments separated by a zip. This will allow you to separate your dirty things from your own things, for example.

Your bag must also have a side opening so that you can quickly access your belongings without having to take them out of your bag.

The flap must be wide so that you can easily store a sleeping bag or tent.


They increase the capacity of the bag. They are very useful for being able to grasp an object easily. All backpacks contain two more or less large side pockets. They should not be too small.

  • A document pocket is sometimes located inside the back side bag. It is convenient for storing files, folders and other documents.

A mesh pocket located on the flap allows you to slip a fleece, a jacket or a bottle of water for easy access.

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