To be comfortable to wear, these are tips for choosing shoes that match the shape of your feet


As a productive generation you have a myriad of activities. The feet are one of the most frequent body parts for light to extreme movements. From walking to running. Therefore, choosing comfortable shoes is a priority.

Because if you choose the wrong shoes, there are various bad possibilities that you can experience. Come on, see tips on how to choose the right shoes.

Replica shoes are a favorite fashion item for women. In choosing shoes, of course you have to be able to choose shoes that match the shape of your feet, right?

This must be done so that the shoes you wear fit the shape of your feet and are comfortable to wear.

Reported by Priangantimurnews from the Facetofeet page, here are   tips on how to choose shoes that match the shape of your feet.

  1. Thick ankles

For women who have thick ankles it is not recommended to avoid wearing wedges that interfere. It’s good if you choose sandals that have pointed heels.

  1. Owners of large calves

Many women are less confident because they have large calves. They also feel that almost all shoes do not match the shape of their feet.

Well, the solution is to avoid wearing shoes with ankle straps or gladiator shoes . The point is you have to use shoes that can make your legs look longer like heels, sneakers, or knee boots that will cover your calves.

  1. Skinny ankles

For those of you who have thin ankles, you should avoid using wedges. Because the right choice for the shape of your feet is flat shoes. By wearing flat shoes will make the surface of the feet look wider and not too flashy.

  1. Owners of long legs

For those of you who have long legs, you can really use strappy shoes such as gladiator sandals and ankle boots. In addition, avoid using high heels because it will make your feet look taller.

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