How to Be More Fashionable: 5 Perfect Tips for Men


Finding fashion incomprehensible? Wish you could up your style but don’t know where to start. Learning how to be more fashionable is not always something men talk about, but it can give a big boost to your self-confidence and overall appearance.

If you want to go from drab to fab, or just up your looks a bit to feel more assured of your style, these tips will help you get there.

1. All About the Fit

Buy clothes that fit you and your body. One of the biggest faux pas in fashion is wearing items that don’t suit your body type. Get your measurements and try on a few different sizes if you’re unsure. A well-fitted suit can make all the difference between fashion and failure.

2. Find What You Can Afford

Certain items you want to invest in, like shoes and good glasses. But otherwise, you should be focusing on buying the best quality for what your budget allows.

If that means going thrifting from time to time to see what’s available or mostly starting with department stores, that’s fine. Fashion is not inaccessible for those with a lower spending limit, and you shouldn’t break the bank on your way to becoming more stylish.

Feel like fashion is out of reach now that you’ve entered fatherhood? There are still plenty of options for you. Check out places like to get good ideas on how to dress well and keep up with your family.

3. Keep It Simple

Many stylish men in magazines may not be wearing the boldest outfits. And while some fashionable men are breaking barriers in the fashion world, keep it simple when you are first starting out. Find the basics you need and make sure they’re versatile.

You want a good jacket for going out that works with many nicer shirts, that also pair well with a variety of pants. This way you can mix and match a few items at the beginning when you’re first building your own style.

4. Look For Your Looks

When you’re searching through fashion advice and trying to learn how to be stylish, you may be overwhelmed. Don’t get bogged down in all the small details right away. Before you run out and buy a tailored suit, think about how you want to dress and what you’re dressing for.

Do you want to look better on dates and casual events? Are your work clothes not up to snuff and want to look your best every day in the office? Determining what you’re dressing for will help you find the outfits and styles you need and will enjoy wearing.

5. Style is A Learned Skill

This may be the most important of all fashion tips. You can learn how to dress well. Honing your style and personal fashion is a skill. It will take some time to figure out and you’ll likely have an adjustment period while you determine what clothing styles work best for you.

But over time you will improve your tastes and your skills at picking out new things you want to try and experiment with. Most people aren’t born with an innate sense of style, so don’t worry about this journey to learn more.

How to Be More Fashionable

Fashion might feel like an impossible thing to measure or understand, but you can absolutely learn how to be more fashionable. Good quality clothes that fit well are what you want to start with.

Don’t overdo it, especially on the accessories, and you’ll be on your way to finding your own unique style. And if this helped you on your fashion journey, keep reading for more great tips.

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