The Main Types of Necklaces for Women


If there’s one piece of jewelry that’s exceptionally versatile, throughout the ages, it has to be the necklace. You’re never too young (besides infancy, of course) or too old to wear a necklace. It’s also one of the hardest working pieces of jewelry out there — because you can simply wear a necklace with anything.

If you’re looking to build up your collection, but can’t decide on the best types of necklaces to invest in, there are a few iconic pieces that will always complement your wardrobe.

For a rundown on some of the most popular necklace styles for women, just keep on reading.

Popular Types of Necklaces and Their Lengths

If you want to curate the ultimate jewelry collection, it’s important to have some knowledge of different necklace lengths, and what they mean for each outfit. All necklaces vary in size, shape, and length, but knowing how long each type of necklace is will help you to make better-informed purchases.

Here’s a basic breakdown of popular necklace styles and their lengths:

  • The collar necklace is 12-14 inches in length
  • The choker necklace is 14-16 inches in length
  • The princess necklace is 16-18 inches
  • The matinee necklace is 20-22 inches
  • The opera necklace is 30-36 inches
  • The rope necklace is around 36 inches or less

When it comes to choosing the perfect necklace length for any outfit, you want to consider your neckline. What style of top, dress, blouse, or jumper are you wearing?

Remember that the higher the neckline, the longer your necklace can be. The basis of this is complementary shapes. In contrast, if you’re wearing a lowcut neckline, you can don a shorter necklace or even layer your necklaces.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the most popular necklace styles worth investing in…

The Single-Strand Pendant

This is probably one of the most popular and classic necklace styles on the market today. The single-strand pendant features a simple, long chain, with a pendant attached to it. The chain is either gold, silver, or rose gold, and the pendant varies in size, shape, and form.

Some popular pendant options include a locket, a gemstone, a small charm, or a simple gold or silver disc. The best part about a pendant necklace is how versatile it is. They are the perfect accessory for just about any outfit and can tie an entire look together, seamlessly.

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The Festoon Necklace

Now, this piece sounds a bit odd, but it’s actually one of the oldest necklace styles that has evolved throughout the centuries to what it is today. A festoon originates from the ancient Greek era and was originally a wreath or garland of flowers, entwined with leaves and branches.

Nowadays, the festoon necklace is reminiscent of this design. It consists of a number of threaded, interwoven chains that create the perfect drape necklace. A festoon necklace can also feature a simple chain, in either gold or silver, with an elaborate decorative piece that drapes across the chest.

This decorative part of the necklace might feature gemstones, pearls, precious metals, etc. In other words, it’s the ideal necklace for making a statement.

The Classic Beaded Necklace

If there’s one stalwart of the necklace world, it’s the beaded necklace that remains popular throughout the ages, even dating back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Today, the beaded necklace has made its comeback and features a number of different materials such as glass beads, crystal beads, coral beads, clay, and even crocheted beads. A beaded necklace is ideal for more casual outfits, and pairs well with a simple sweater/t-shirt and jeans combo.

The Lavaliere Necklace

Dating back to the early 20th century, this style of necklace is similar to the festoon. Today, it features a small, slender chain, and eyecatching pendant that hangs at the bottom. Generally, this pendant features decorative stones hanging from it, too.

Some lavaliere necklaces also feature a slim chain that connects to a much larger focal piece as the pendant. This is the perfect accessory if you prefer more of a bohemian, feminine type of style.

The lavaliere necklace sits just below the collarbone in length — i.e. princess length.

The Lariat Necklace

These types of necklaces are great if you’re looking to add to your longer necklace collection. They’re also referred to as Y or rope necklaces. The most significant feature of this necklace is that it does not feature a clasp. Instead, you can adjust the length through a tie or rounded finder at the back.

This makes the lariat super versatile because you can wear it as short or long as you want. This type of necklace features a simple, woven type of chain that connects near the collarbone, then drapes down the chest as a long tassel.

They’re simple, yet elegant and make the perfect addition to your collection.

The Charm Necklace

While the charm necklace is not for everyone, they’re a wonderful way to add visual impact to your outfit and also double as the perfect gift to give someone.

Just like the charm bracelet, the charm necklace features a collection of different little trinkets attached to a solid or woven chain. Each of these charms can convey your personality or have deep, personal meaning to you.

Charm necklaces are fun and casual and are a good way to liven up a simple day-to-day outfit while you’re running errands.

The Choker Necklace

Just like the charm necklace, the choker is not for everyone. It’s a necklace that sits high up, close to the neck, and might feature a dangling charm hanging from the main strap.

They also date back to ancient times, the Middle Ages to be exact, and their signature design is that they are meant to fit snugly around the neck. They aren’t meant to sit too tightly around the neck, despite the name. You can adjust the sizing with different fastenings.

Some popular choker variations include velvet, gold or silver chain, and ribbon. While many necklace variations have remained popular throughout the centuries, chokers tend to go in and out of fashion!

The Bib Necklace

As the name suggests, this necklace sits across the chest, just below the collarbone, much like a bib would. Some bib necklaces might feature one solid piece of metal, or a large pendant, fastened behind the neck with a simple chain. While others feature an intricate network of woven chain necklaces that cover up your entire breastbone.

If you’re looking for a statement piece to add to your necklace collection, this is your go-to!

The Princess Necklace

This is one of the most universally popular and flattering necklace lengths and styles. The princess necklace is a little longer than the choker necklace — it usually sits at 18-inches below the neckline.

Most princess-style necklaces feature a central focal piece, such as a pendant, locket, or charm of some kind. This hangs just below the collarbone. You can find a plethora of variations today, with many high-end necklaces encrusted with rhinestones, that meet a central point, then drop down to feature a larger gem.

For all your formal and dressier events, you want to invest in a princess necklace.

The Riviere Necklace

Another one of the most popular high-end style necklaces is the Riviere. It also features gemstones, except they sit in two separate rows, connected by a silver or gold chain link in-between.

Some Riviere necklaces may feature an array of different size stones that get smaller as the necklace wraps around the neck. The length of these types of necklaces is similar to that of a collar or princess-style necklace.

The Riviere necklace is all about showing off the stones or gems, so the links or joins in-between them are quite small for this reason. For another striking, statement piece for all your fancy events, this is the perfect piece.

The Matinee Necklace

This necklace is a true classic and is ideal for those events when you choose to wear a plunging neckline or a lower-cut top. The matinee is about 20-22 inches in length, so it’s on the longer side. But this is ideal for those lower-cut necklines.

It sits just above the bust and you can find them encrusted with stones or pearls. This is a brilliant necklace option if you have a fuller bust or a wider neck, too.

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By adding these types of necklaces to your collection, you can consider it truly well-rounded. In short, you’ll have a necklace to match almost any outfit, for any type of occasion.

If you’re a fashion fiend or a jewelry lover, don’t miss out on the rest of this website! We offer updated articles on all things fashion and jewelry trends, shopping hacks, and more. Explore at your leisure.

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