Debunking the Most Common and Best Engagement Ring Myths


An engagement … that heady time filled with the breathless promise of a happily-ever-after to come.

All the hopes and dreams for a future together are sealed by the presentation of the best engagement ring that the groom-to-be can lay his hands on. But what about all the talk doing the rounds about proposing and engagement rings? Is it all just hot air passed down from Grandma, or is there any truth that newly engaged couples should pay attention to?

If you’re on the brink of proposing or being proposed to, keep reading to discover the myths about engagement rings.

Myth #1 Diamonds Are Indestructible

It’s a well-known fact that diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth. What isn’t such common knowledge is that once a diamond has been cut, it can easily get chipped or broken.

It just takes a sharp hit or pressure on the thin edge of a diamond to make the diamond chip or splinter. It’s the setting that your diamond rests in that protects it from harm.

Myth #2 It’s Bad Luck to Lose Your Engagement Ring

For many years it was a common belief that losing your engagement ring was an omen or a sign of bad things coming your way. Some would go as far as breaking off a relationship in the effort to listen to the universe that was clearly speaking.

So what does it actually mean if your ring falls off and you lose it? If you set aside superstition, a ring that slips straight off your finger should probably be resized to fit properly before it gets lost.

Myth #3 Bigger is Always Better

It’s natural to attach more value to something that’s bigger, but when it comes to diamonds, size isn’t the only factor that determines value. Three other diamond attributes are equally important:

  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Color

To find the most valuable diamond, don’t be taken in by just the size, but look for the highest quality stone that you can afford, that is closest to the size you’re hoping for.

Myth # 4 The Gemstone Dictates

Gemstones in engagement rings have a powerful sway over the relationship health of the couple.

There will always be a touch of symbolism and sentiment attached to the choice of stone for your best engagement ring. However, you don’t have to let the traditional meaning of the gemstone deter you from getting the stone of your choice.

Diamonds represent affection and are a symbol of the security that comes from a committed relationship. Sapphires cause a happy marriage. Aquamarines symbolize a long and happy marriage. Emeralds bring marital bliss and stir up passion, while Pearls cause tears in a marriage. Fact or myth? You decide!

Myth # 5 Suprise, Suprise

When getting engaged, a surprise proposal and a surprise engagement ring seem to go hand in hand. While this seems like the ultimate romantic gesture, buying a ring blind can go badly.

Picture this … he buys a diamond, she wants a sapphire. He chooses white gold, she prefers yellow. He sets it in a tube, but she really loves ball and claw. Romance aside, it’s probably best to make sure you’re proposing with a ring that makes her heart sing, such as one of the exquisite rings from

Finding The Best Engagement Ring

With these common myths out of the way, you are free to get on with the exciting task of finding the best engagement ring that fits your budget as well as your special someone’s ring finger and heart.

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