3 Must-Have Aesthetic Bottom-Wear For Autumn-Winter 2021


Every era has a dominant fashion and lifestyle. And much like other cultural trends, style from a specific era speaks more than just how people dressed back in the day. If you are someone who grew up during the late ’80s and ’90s, you probably are smitten by what they call the Grunge Culture. 

Inspired by insanely popular rock bands and musicians of time like Pearl Jam, Neil Young, and Nirvana, this fashion look was all about rocking the casual, chic, and edgy look. So, if you love to plead and baggy jeans, this is your lucky year because aesthetic clothing from the ‘90s is all the rage in 2021. 

Aesthetic is Again Making a Statement in 2021

While it is common for fashion trends to make the rounds every couple of years, aesthetic fashion looks like ripped jeans, mommy pants, etc., never really go out of fashion. And the reason’s pretty simple. These are wardrobe must-haves that are some very versatile pieces of clothing. Depending on how you style it, the same rugged jeans can work for a light brunch with girlfriends or make heads turn in a rock concert! 

Read on to find out three such epic, timeless aesthetic clothes (particularly bottom-wear) that you can rock this winter. Happy reading!

  1. Aesthetic Jeans from the ‘90s Make the Perfect #OOTD

What’s not to love in a pair of denim jeans? What started as long-lasting work pants have taken the world by storm over the decades? It was all the rage back in the ’90s, and many of that era’s iconic designs are in this year. Mom jeans with their super-high waistlines and cuffs rolled up is the biggest fashion trend today. 

The look accentuates the waistline and body shape in the perfect way. Choose from ripped, patched, or colored jeans to join the rebellious aesthetic grunge fan club. 

  1. Aesthetic Plaid Pants 

When you think of the ’90s look, two things surely come to your mind: flannel and plaid. Much like Mom Jeans, plaid pants are a massive trendsetter today, with some of the biggest celebs acing their plaid game. 

Thanks to the neutral tones, these pants are versatile and work well with crop tops, jumpers, chunky books, and the classic black biker jacket to give you the perfect rocker-girl look. 

  1. Aesthetic Indie Pants

If you are love to mix and match elements from different eras, indie pants are your perfect match. These are a mix of the retro, vintage, and hipster look that stands out in a crowd. If you are looking for statement pieces with a bit of your quirky yet do-not-mess personality, opt for hand-made patchworks and bold prints. 

Pair them with a classic white tank top and a fur jacket, and you are ready to make heads turn everywhere you go. 

Summing Up

The world of ‘90s fashion was all about being comfortable yet a trendsetter. With a sky-high waist, ripped or patchworks, and bold prints, there is at least one (too many) perfect pair of aesthetic pants for everyone to sport this winter. So, get one for yourself today. 

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