Product reviews: What are they and how are they important for eCommerce?


Product reviews are considered the feedbacks or opinions of customers for a specific product. Numerous online businesses have a review sector on their site. It allows customers to review and rate the product they have bought. Product reviews, like Amazon product reviews, also help other users in getting a crystal clear idea regarding the product before they buy it.

These customers can go through the reviews for making their minds clear. Additionally, they can decide whether or not the item is worth buying. Sometimes businesses do not include a section of a product review as they fear negative reviews but this way, they unknowingly end up losing many potential customers.

Use of product reviews

Product reviews are a vital portion of the branding and marketing of an online store. They help in building loyalty and trust and describe what sets a product apart from other products. A savvy shopper never buys a product without knowing how it would work for him/her. These shoppers go through every not-so-good, good, and ugly review for making vital decisions.

Asking the right questions

When businesses ask for reviews, then they should ensure that they have been asking nothing but only the right questions. They do not only wish to know if their customers loved the product but also how the customers have been using it, who they would love to recommend the product, and whether or not the product has altered something in their lives.

However, it is important to keep the review forms very short. The fashion stores might wish to ask whether a product fits ideally to size or not. Again, a photography store does hugely benefit from knowing whether the reviewer happens to be a professional or amateur.

When the rights questions are asked to the customers then the businesses end up making a highly authentic review. The reviews can make purchasers of some products report how a product worked or turned ideal for them.

The importance of customers’ feedback

Customers are everything to a business and they are people who do take a business to novice heights or bring down a business drastically. And so, their feedback can’t be ignored. There isn’t any shame in having pessimistic reviews as they are considered honest opinions of people regarding a business’ products. Again, negative feedbacks also show that a customer is liberal to say anything that he wants to say.

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