The Storage Bags You Can Choose Now


Every time we talk about organization, the first thing that comes to our mind is cash. The foldable storage box can help us in different environments of the home and office.

In the past, there were not as many organizing products as there are today, and shoe boxes were one of the alternatives to keep everything in place. Today there are wires, baskets, hives and a variety of types, colors and sizes of foldable storage boxes.

This foldable storage basket is the best space-saving solution for transporting laundry, groceries, plants, household items, children’s toys, pet supplies, power tools and more.

Make the kept the folding baskets in the vehicle, in the garages, or places the folding storage to take to the picnics or camping trips. With a unique mesh wall design as well as attractive and resistant materials, the best companies bring the durability and convenience of industrial storages to home life.

They can be used throughout the house: bathroom, kitchen, laundry, office, living rooms and bedrooms. The boxes can be made of plastic, polyethylene, paper, fabric and wood. The Foldable Storage Box is the best option in this case now.

Let’s see where and how to use each type of box:

In the closet: use tissue boxes that have ventilation. Avoid using totally closed plastic boxes to store clothes, they need to breathe so as not to mold.

In the shoe rack: remove the cardboard boxes (original) to breathe, if using boxes,use the ventilated plastics bags.

Kitchen, laundry and bathroom (wet areas) plastic boxes are recommended, as they can get wet and it is easy to clean, be careful with wood in these environments as the boxes can swell with moisture.

Rooms and offices: paper and wood boxes are excellent. You can use it to store documents, photos, souvenirs, etc.

Note: Paper and polyethylene boxes are the most common and inexpensive.

The boxes help in categorizing and organizing the environments, but remember that it is not to “hide” the mess inside it. It is necessary to use them carefully and without exaggerating. The boxes are quite Fashionable  as well.

How to use it properly? In the transparent boxes it is easier to identify what is inside, so there is no point in throwing everything into it, make categories, examples: tools, electronics, medicines, etc. Already decorated or non-transparent boxes, identify them by saying what’s inside, so you don’t waste time opening them all to know what’s inside.

As an organization professional we always recommend the square and transparent, so that we can identify what is inside the box, but we can use the colors, patterns and themes to decorate the spaces and identify what is inside. The important thing is to standardize the boxes in the same environment so that it is more comfortable for the eyes. You can Make Cabinet Storage Tidy with the use of these bags.

In all rooms of the house, storage boxes are invaluable allies for an organized space. The main thing is to choose the right boxes according to the use you want to make of them. Follow our tips to find the boxes you need.

Storage boxes

These boxes, also called canteens, are known for their strength, which does not prevent them from being light and therefore easy to handle and move. You can use them to store your garage or workshop but also in a living room as part of an industrial type decoration. 

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