Foie Gras and the Recipes – Simple Guide Explaining About the Delicacy


The fat liver of the waterfowls such as ducks and geese are what is known as foie gras. The term “foie gras” is derived from French and has become one of the most preferred French delicacies of people all around the globe.

Foie Gras

It is the French term, which means “fat liver”. It is the liver of such fowls, which are exclusively bred for eating purpose. Each foie gras of the waterfowls weigh more than 2 pounds, based on the ways with which they are bred and fed. The creamy and fat filled liver will surely make an excellent addition to all preparations that are made using this item.

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Preparations of Foie Gras

Foie gras can be cooked in different ways, and each preparation can guarantee to make your taste buds go crazy with every serving.

  1. You can just remove the green gall bladder from the foie gras and split the whole piece into half. Now cut each lobe in the lengthwise manner and utilize them for cooking many dishes.
  2. Cook the foie gras puree. Spread the preparation on the toasted brioche and serve the foie gras mousse to your dear ones.
  3. Cut the thick slices of foie gras and sear each piece with butter till the outer layer of the foie gras becomes crispy brown coloured. Even though the outer part will be crispy, the inner layers of the liver piece will be smooth textured and will melt in your mouth, with each bite. Do not overcook as your liver piece might lose its texture and might become dry.
  4. Roll the foie gras pieces in a towel and poach them. Slice the rolled fat liver into round shaped pieces and enjoy them as the appetizers.
  5. Press the liver pieces into the shape of moulds. Now place the mould pieces in a hot water bath to cook them. Slice the terrine after the pieces are well cooked.
  6. Season the slices of foie gras on both the sides with black pepper powder and salt. Sear both the sides of the fat liver for about 30 minutes in a hot skillet. You can sprinkle salt if required.

Sauces for Your Foie Gras Recipes

You will find many options in the world of sauces, while preparing foie gras dishes. Some are listed below.

  • Simple balsamic reduction
  • Green grape sauce
  • Easy apple sauce

Sometimes, foie gras will be seared with some fruits such as papaya, green grapes and also with some peanuts. Every preparation will be unique in taste and texture and you will surely enjoy every preparation of foie gras to the fullest. Cook them as your heart wishes and serve your dear ones the tasty delicacies.

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