Make School from Home Fun with These 4 Learning Tools Need to Shop


The new school year has started, but most schools are still holding Distance Learning. This is because the situation is not yet conducive for children to return to school. To increase your little one’s enthusiasm for studying at home, here are some study tools that can create a fun learning atmosphere. Get school house here

1. Quality Stationery Set

Usually at the beginning of each new school year, your little one is excited to go to school with complete new stationery. Even though he currently has to go to school at home, there’s nothing wrong with Bubu buying your little one’s school supplies in the form of a complete set of stationery like this quality Staedtler stationery set . In addition to increasing your little one’s enthusiasm for learning, buying a complete set of stationery consisting of pencils, pens, rulers, and colored pencils will be more practical than buying units.

2. Comfortable Study Table and Chair Set

Creating a conducive learning atmosphere is one of the keys to successful learning at home. If at school your little one is used to studying with a study bench and desk, Bubu can prepare a special bench and study table for your little one to study at home. This helps the little one get a learning atmosphere and can focus on the tasks given. Choose a study table with a comfortable size and design for your little one, such as the Oscar Bambini Study Table Set . The cute design and bright colors of the Oscar Bambini Study Desk Set can also add to a cheerful mood while studying.

3. Children’s Study Desk Shelf

To keep your little one’s study equipment tidy, complete the study table with a storage rack that can be installed on the study table or hung on the wall like this Livien Alice Study Desk Rack . Designed with several shelves and special boards for sticking notes or post-it notes , this children’s study desk shelf helps your little one to organize their study equipment while making it easier to stick notes for assignments or other important notes.

4. Practice Questions for Self-Hone Skills

In general, every school already has textbooks or textbooks that are used daily. However, there are times when your little one needs additional practice questions to deepen their understanding of certain topics. To support these needs, Bubu can prepare a practice book about questions that are appropriate to the level of education of the little one. There are many types of practice book questions such as practice book questions per subject, collection of daily test questions, to book questions for exam preparation. Choose a practice book that suits your little one’s needs.

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