5 Reasons Why So Many People Switch to Online Shopping


It is undeniable that currently the shopping style of the Indonesian people has begun to shift. From conventional transactions, now our people prefer to shop online. Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Suhariyanto also admitted that the phenomenon of online shopping is happening in Indonesia, and one of the factors is the rapid growth of e-commerce.  

With this growth, Bank Indonesia estimates that 24.7 million people shop online . The value of e-commerce transactions is predicted to reach IDR 144 trillion in 2018. The high interest of the public to shop via the internet is indeed triggered by technological advances. But not only that, online shopping is also increasingly in demand because it benefits the perpetrators from a financial perspective.

What is it that makes more and more people turn to online shopping? Here’s the reason.  

1. Save time and effort

The increasingly congested traffic makes everyone have to go through an uphill battle to move places. It’s no wonder that online shopping is now an option for those who don’t have much time to shop at shopping centers. Without the hassle of going through traffic jams to get to a shopping center, you can get the items you want just by accessing the internet via your favorite smartphone .

You also don’t need to spend energy to get out of the house, queue at the cashier, to carry a lot of stuff in a shopping center. By shopping online, you can browse goods, to make transactions anytime anywhere, be it at work, at home, or even on the go. After that, the purchased goods will be delivered directly to your address. Save time and energy, right?

2.  There are many promos

The proliferation of e-commerce has made online shop players provide many promos to attract customers. The variety of promos offered by various shopping places is what makes many people love transacting in cyberspace. The types of promos offered by online businesses also vary, ranging from price discounts, redeemable reward points, to shopping vouchers.

Online shopping will be more efficient if you are good at maximizing credit cards. Because, there are always promos, point rewards, to 0% installments that can make online shopping more economical. No need to worry if you don’t have a credit card. Through Cermati.com , you can compare, choose and apply for the best credit cards online, and the application process is fast and secure. So, next shopping , your expenses are guaranteed to be more efficient.

3. More payment options

As mentioned above, many online business people cooperate with banks and multi-financial institutions as payment partners. This is what makes many online stores or e-commerce that provide installment services, either with a credit card, or installments without a credit card. Without having to spend large sums of money, you can buy the items you want in installments.

4.  Have a more complete variant of goods

Have you ever visited a shopping center to buy something, but came home empty-handed because the item you were looking for didn’t exist? Conventional stores are often not as complete as online stores. Because online business people come from all over Indonesia, even around the world, you can look for goods from anywhere, even abroad. One of complete online shop you can find here freebiemom.com

5.  Can compare the price of goods

If you shop for the product you want at a conventional store, of course it will be difficult to compare one product with another. It’s different with online stores, you just have to open several online stores at once, look for the items you want to buy, then compare the prices one by one. Want an even easier way? Today there are many e-commerce comparison sites. Not only in terms of selling prices, but you can also compare the ongoing promos in each e-commerce, so you get the best offers.

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