There are still many cases of online fraud, ranging from differences in the quality of goods from those on display to those that were sent, different items received, to branded goods that turn out to be fake. How to avoid fraud when shopping online? Here are shopping tips so you don’t get fooled by fake goods. 

1. Check Store Name and Website Appearance

Online shoppers must carefully select a trusted online store. Check if the shop is convincing enough. The easiest way to do this is through a search engine like Google. The search results will show the store’s reputation, customer reviews and other information. Trusted stores will usually appear immediately on the first page. 

Another way is to see if the website was created through free or paid hosting. Usually, trusted online shops have their own domain addresses. The characteristic of free hosting is always accompanied by the domain address of the hosting provider, for example or Shops like this usually sell counterfeit goods, although not always, so if you are absolutely sure you are safe, feel free to shop. Here recommendation online shop

2. Know the product to be purchased

Knowing the product you want to buy is an effective online shopping tip to avoid fraud. Find out first what the market price is. Always compare prices first before buying.

Next, study the specifications of the item, especially for electronic products. If necessary, contact the store through the contacts they have provided. Always ask as much detail as possible, and if you think the seller is not giving a satisfactory answer, it is suspect.

You also need to know whether these items are sold in Indonesia or not. Some online shops sell imported products directly, as resellers of certain brands, which are not sold in physical stores. Usually the price will be more expensive because there are excise fees for goods that are officially entered through an official distributor. Check carefully before buying, don’t buy black market items that enter illegally.

3. Prices are too cheap

The original product is not cheap because it is as cheap as possible, it must remain within the price range above the standard. Ali products that are sold cheap are usually those that are too old in style or second hand, aka used. However, on some special occasions, online shops cooperate with well-known brands to sell their products exclusively.

Even so, there are still some online shops that are dishonest and sell items that don’t match the description on their website. Examples of well-known cosmetic products that are sold at low prices, far below the official market price, it turns out that after the goods are received, these products are not products that are displayed on the website, but only samples that are usually distributed free of charge during certain promotional periods or events.

4. Read Buyer Testimonials

Although it is not always a guarantee, reading previous buyer’s testimonials is also quite important, you know. Shoppers who are disappointed to get counterfeit goods will usually write bad reviews and ratings for the store. Likewise, if the goods are delivered according to the order, the testimony given will be good.

One of the tips to find out whether the buyer’s testimonial is convincing is to check the author’s username and read the reviews on the website. A satisfied buyer will return to buy goods at the same shop, but if the testimonials provided are too far-fetched and seem uniform, chances are he is not a real buyer. So always check carefully to distinguish which buyers are real and which are not. 

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