How can you calculate the Right Size of your chest to buy a Perfect bra?


A very usual case that we witness among women is that they aren’t aware of the right size to wear a bra. They don’t know which bra is the perfect fit for them. A bra size calculator will help you wear a well-fitted bra to give you a proper body look. It’s also essential to give your body a correct posture. Thus an ideal sized bra lends the needed support to the upper body. But what will help them in calculating the right size? Don’t worry, there are bra size calculator online available to choose the appropriate sizing for you.

How can you check the right size for your bra?

Follow the steps given below to find the right size with the help of a bra size calculator:

Step 1: Measure size for the band

  • Make sure that when you are using a measurement tape, you hold it comfortably to get a proper labelling for the size.
  • The size could be anything, but you need to round it off to the nearest number. If your number on the tape is even then added 4 to it, but if it’s odd, then add 5 to it.
  • Say your breast size was 26.7, then round it off to 27, and the total band size will be 27+5=32.

Step 2: Calculate the cup size.

  • Now you can easily measure the band through the fullest part.
  • The measuring tape must be held in a way that is comfortable for the woman’s body.
  • Now round off to the whole number and subtract it with the size of the band calculated in step 1.
  • Suppose your cup size comes out to be 34, then the difference between both will be 2. And the shape would be B. If the difference is one, then bra shape is A and if its three, then bra shape is C, and so on.

This is how you calculate the right size and shape for your bra using the bra size calculator.

Below are the essential points that you should always remember:

  • It is necessary to keep checking bra size in a few months.
  • Make sure that your bra provides excellent support to your breast. It must not be too tight or too loose that it hinders the support level.
  • Make sure that the cups give your breasts a proper coverage.
  • If you know the right method to measure the bra size using a bra size calculator, you will buy the perfect fit. Thus, you must be aware of the bra that fits your breast best in shape and size.

You can refer to the bra size calculator charts available on online sites to purchase the right bra size for you.


So now that you have learned how to choose the right size of bra for you, we hope that you buy it online very conveniently by seeing your right size through a bra size calculator available at the online sites.

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