How to buy fakes on aliexpress


Joshua Daniher I think that when you buy fakes, you’re undercutting the brand that is responsible for the shoe that you actually want. I think if you really want some shoes because you like them you should buy real ones to support the brand, of course there is a difference when the resale price is way higher than retail, but I think it is still not a good thing to buy fakes. Also, by buying fakes, and wear them as if they are real, you are bringing more fakes into the market. That increases the big problem of scamming. English isn’t my first language, so maybe my explanation is a bit vague but I hope you get it. Basically: scamming is a problem. Fake flexing is a problem. Not supporting the brand whos sneakers you like is a problem.

Jaazer Webster I ordered the red stripe version from artemisoutlet. You have a ua version and a ‘regular’ fake version. I already bought the regular one before noticing they alao have ua’s so my bad. But even tho they still look really good. The shape is nice and the stripe looks great as well. When it comes to design they’re spot on. The laces are just a little thinner than the originals tho. But overall very happy with the quality. You can feel the boost is more stiff and not as soft as the regular boost. I own 2 pair of fake yeezy’s from so I could compare them.
I think it’s worth it so far.
I also ordered the beluga v1 from tonysneaker and they’ll arrive Monday. I’ll let you know how these are compared to the real ones.

So fucked up to see that people that watched this video didn’t pay more atention to the fact that drug cartels or criminals sell fake stuff to finance human trafficking or child explotation or murderers. Like, shut the fuck up you fucking haters, this is a serious issue and this guy, for whatever reason he is doing it, is doing a good thing. Sure you want to impress people with your cheap fake stuff but you care nothing about people that suffer so you can show up and feed your greed and pride. Fucking fucked up part of society you all are…Like the people that do drugs without caring about the death and violence that that brings, and still criticize and villainize countries that suffer because of drug cartels…Fucking retards…

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