Balloons with individual inscriptions


Individual inscriptions on balloons carry a personal message, they are readable and in a plain sight. Is it difficult to express emotions? Then it will be an ideal option for congratulations. It is enough to choose compositions of balloons and the color palette relevant for the event and it’s in the bag!

Benefits of personalized inscriptions

Let’s note the main advantages of balloons:

  • a universal accessory and a greeting card at the same time;
  • relevance – personalized inscriptions emphasize the importance of the event and evoke positive emotions;
  • aesthetics – balloons add charm to any festive event;
  • balloon garlands – an impressive addition to almost any event.

Inscriptions for birthday parties

This is really a holiday where nearly all kinds of balloons can be involved: round, mylar, hearts with inscriptions or drawings. On birthdays it’s possible to give not just a cloud of ordinary balloons, but also with inscriptions, for instance,”Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, etc. In addition, the inscriptions can be in various languages. Here are the examples of writings for a birthday party:

The name of a birthday person

As one of those cases you can put the initial of a person on balloons and decorate your gift. Or it’s also a fantastic idea to write the name of a presenter. Then balloons may become a great alternative to birthday greeting cards.


Another version of decoration is to write some wishes on balloons. It will look beautiful and the birthday person will totally love it.

Weddings Decoration

Helium balloons for decorating a wedding with inscriptions can be used in various compositions and bouquets. With the help of such balloons, the celebration hall will be truly festive and bright.

What can you do together with inscriptions?

Open your mind and fantasize. Presenting balloons throughout the shop opening is boring. Think about incorporating the inscription that tells about discounts for customers. Individuals will be more interested in balloons than in flyers that are usual. Second, it will motivate new customers to use their reduction as quiсkly as they can. The cash desk can seem festive in the procedure of getting balloons with discounts from clients.

Decided to emphasise your friend? Balloons can be with inscriptions that are funny. By flying these in the atmosphere the fiance will bid farewell to his previous stage life.

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