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Have you ever happened to miss an important event of some very close person of you just because you were hundreds of miles away from each other? And I guess you also wished to send that person a gift so to remark your affection in spite of the distance. What about a bunch of flowers? Did you know you can now send flowers to Italy and have them delivered right when you need? And moreover, do you know which is the best way to send flowers to Italy?

Here we come up with and outstanding flowers delivery service from wherever you are located in the whole EU to Italy, guaranteeing efficiency, speediness and quality of the flowers from order to delivery.



Italianflora offers international flowers delivery to all parts of Italy 24/7 at the very best price.

You can now sleep soundly knowing the person you love will get a present in the exact moment you want it to be received. Surprise your lover, mum, granny, friends or whoever else you care for with a bunch of fresh roses, tulips, lilies, sunflowers, mixed and matched bouquets or creative compositions.

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Sending flowers from abroad never been that easy

Flowers are known to be a very appreciated gift everyone enjoy. To receive an unexpected bunch of your favourite flower type is a real one of a kind act of love. Whenever you are abroad is quite hard to  have someone received an order in the time and place this was meant to be delivered. Something might be going wrong and the surprise is blowing up.

Don’t run the risk to have a surprise gift delivered earlier and disappoint your addressee or even worse, ages later when it’s already a wrap.

This would never happen when a service is well under way and has a working delivery procedure.

You can also allow yourself to place an order the same day you want it to be delivered. And remember this is an Italy addressed service but you can send flowers worldwide.

A wide range of secure payment methods designed to be as quick and convenient as possible will help you making the surprise even greater.


Floral gifts for everyone, everywhere

How does it work exactly?

All bouquets, flowers arrangements and plants are handcrafted by a local florist to guarantee the freshness of the flowers just before the delivery.

In all the products, the company tries to include flowers that are readily available.

However, the assortment can vary between the florists, and due to seasonal availability.

If a specific flower is not available, this will be replaced by a similar flower in shape and colour.

So no bad surprises, the receiver will get pretty much the same flowers, arrangements you have picked out from the website.

Flower orders to other countries are delivered by a local representative in that country or directly by local florists.

You can choose to address the delivery to a private house, an office, an hotel just by letting us know in the proper form before checking out.

I think is the right time to send someone a special bunch of flowers, isn’t it?

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