Pendant Necklace – A Symbol Of Beauty


Going for a date with your girlfriend? Figuring out a gift to give your wife on the wedding anniversary? Well, we all know how much women love jewelry! So how about a pendant necklace? Great Nah! A simple but yet eternal and enrich with complexities of emotions. A symbol to show your love to your loved ones with simple enduring gestures. The pendant necklace is a way to rectify the elegance and perfection of your personality. Whether you go for a huge pendant or small, it all depends on your styles and fashion style. However, to get more info, is here to help you out to select the best pendant necklace according to the latest fashion styles.

Bayadère Necklace

A be=raided necklace style with composed strings attached with beads, or seeds twisted together. The pearls can be either of one color or multicolor. It is one of the ancient times jewelry wear and was most popular in the 18th century. Till now, the Bayadère necklace is considered a part of important jewelry wore by special people on special occasions.

Choker Necklace

Short with a neck fitting appearance hung tightly around the neck just above the collarbone. This old styled pendant necklace will bring you back to ancient times. Despite any uniform size, chokers are entirely composed of beads or stones. However, some chokers have metal frames giving it a more ravishing look. Regardless of being a piece of old jewelry, it is still now taken as a piece of art redefined with modern styled stones and creativity.

Bib Necklace

A large and dramatic piece of jewelry designed in a circular or triangular shape. The jewelry design is referred to as Greek and Roman jewelry. Since it is old styled jewelry but over time, it is redefined with modern work and a special ornament is wore on low-cut evening gowns. Heavy metals and ravishing stones are used to give it a more enduring look.

Dog Collar Necklace

Inspired by leather dog collars, dog collar necklace will give you indeed a bold look with spikes hanged around the necklace. It entailed the beauty of a modern yet feminine look, originated in the mid-’80s. You can even use it to hide scars on your neck.

Festoon Necklace

A festoon necklace gives more a look of the royal clan. It redefines the beauty of garland flowers, leaves or ribbons draped together with architectural design. However, festoon necklace has hangings of chain, metals, beads trusses together. A delicate chain design adds more elegance to the beauty of the necklace.

Pendant Necklace

A necklace with an object of special stones or metals. Specially wore as a sign to bring good luck to your destiny. However, it has been in business since ancient times, thus the appearance of the ornament changes over time from old to modern, but the importance is the same and eternal.

Lavalier Necklace

A chain or small link necklace feature with large pendants hanged together looking for ancient and vintage design. The elegance and beauty of the necklace are no less than a Royal styled look, perfectly complemented with the graceful personality.

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