Why is Rose Considered the King of Flowers?


What are the most popular items from the flower delivery Singapore? It is rose. All people know this beautiful flower. It has various colors, but the most memorable one is the red rose. Because of its shape and color, it reflects various meanings.

This flower has the biological name of Rosaceae. In this world, you can find a lot of types of roses. Some of them are even growing by propagating. If you don’t cut the stem, this plant can grow up to 2 – 5 meters high.

The iconic part of rose’s plants is for sure the thorns. They are a lot. The functions of these thorns are to attach the stem to other plants. Although this special flower from flower delivery Singapore has so many thorns, rose is still really beautiful.

Why this flower is so special?

Some people said that roses are the king of flowers. In addition, the rests call this plant as the queen of flowers. Whatever it is, those sayings show that rose is so special. Its flower’s petals have a soft texture like a velvet cloth.

This flower is so fragrance. Commonly, the roses come from a flower delivery Singapore will have the red, pink, or white colors. However, if the season is right, you can order some other colors. Those are black, yellow, or even blue roses.

You can plant this flower everywhere. It is whether in a tropical area or in a cold place. That is why; roses are so easy to find. In addition, roses can be made into several gifts. The most famous one is for sure a flower bouquet or arrangement. Sing See Soon provides a comprehensive list of colours of roses and what they symbolize

Roses as the ‘King of Flower’

Actually, you cannot get the exact data about when was the first time rose was called that. There is also not an exact reason why this beautiful flower is called the king of the flower. However, some people share their opinion about it.

They thought that this special item from flower delivery Singapore is can be used as a cosmetic material. It can soften your skin. It can be also used to make a fragrance. Maybe, the strongest reason is that roses are having the pretty look.

Its beauty was adored since thousands of years ago by the queen, Caesar, king, and painter too. They are so special. Besides, commonly people will use rose to express their love. It is not only for your couple, but also for your mother, best friends, and more.

The Most Beautiful Flower in the World

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world besides lilies and more. That is why; the flower delivery Singapore always uses this item to create various bouquets. One of them is the mixed rose flower bouquet to create a colorful result.

These mixed roses can be used to make a hand bouquet. Furthermore, this hand bouquet is perfect for various events and celebrations. The examples are for weddings, graduation, mother’s day, anniversary, and so on. The florist can use two or more colors for it.

If you want it to be more elegant, the flower delivery Singapore will make it from two different roses. It can be red and pink roses. In addition, if you want to give it as a graduation gift, choosing the colorful one is better.

The Unique Blue Roses Flower Arrangement

You will always adore the beauty of a flower. It really has various colors to enjoy. If red is just too common, you will love the blue rose’s arrangement. It is a truly wonderful gift that you can give to your lovely one. The flower delivery Singapore will make it for you.

This bouquet will be made from 10 or more blue roses. It looks really stunning. The florist will make it is more amazing by adding some other flowers in this bouquet. The examples are the soft purple carnation flowers and the white baby breath as the fillers.

The green leaves on the side add the sense of freshness of this bouquet. In addition, the soft grey cover will be used to complete this bouquet. What a wonderful flower arrangement to choose. It is like a masterpiece from Floweradvisor for you.


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