Learn How To Store Lingerie.


Buying lingerie is a difficult task, and many have given up on lingerie due to the unpleasant experience of buying lingerie. Others purchased an adorable piece to go home and find that what looked so compelling about the model didn’t look like him in front of the mirror. It is not because lingerie is reserved for certain types of women, as some of us generally think, but simply because there is a way to choose the perfect lingerie

The first rule when choosing the perfect lingerie is to get something that you feel comfortable with. It is not only physical comfort but also psychological comfort. For physically comfortable lingerie, it’s best to buy handmade lingerie to make sure you get something that’s personalized. Mental comfort is choosing lingerie that you can wear comfortably. If you’re usually a grandma panty person, don’t jump into the crotchless panties and other risky underwear. This way, you use your lingerie rather than leaving it in the bag in which it was purchased.

When it comes to fabric, it’s not about how comfortable it looks, but how comfortable it is. When you physically buy your lingerie, touch the material to make sure it is soft, and you like the feel. However, when shopping online, look for the fabric from which the lingerie was made. Fabric is also essential when choosing lingerie because you need something that is both transparent and breathable, like natural bamboo fabrics. Comfort is not a question of look, and it is what you feel in your lingerie at the end of a hectic day.

Choosing the perfect lingerie should not be a problem, but rather a pleasure. Handmade lingerie is the ideal way to make sure you avoid these mistakes when you finally buy this piece of lingerie.

How you should store lingerie?

Lingerie is regularly expensive and sensitive. So do not simply throw them in the drawer for the storage. Whether you are interested in lace panties or even silk bra, keeping your lingerie correctly will extend its lifespan. You can modify your storage policies based on your existing storage space. However, follow some general tips for storing your sensitive items appropriately to keep them healthy for as long as possible.

Place the lining at the bottom of your drawers before storing the lingerie. An inner shoe prevents fabrics like lace and silk from getting caught in the wood drawer.

Store different pieces of lingerie separately to make it easier to find what you need and prevent things like bras from getting caught in different parts. Identify a drawer for bras and another drawer for panties.

Move the undergarment to keep it in your drawer, or lay it flat and stack it. Cover the underwear in half, start at the bottom at this point and move it up. Place the mobile underwear in the drawer to store them in columns. If you don’t have many pairs, stack the mobile underwear to save space.

Attach the scarves to the bras before putting them away. Place the suspenders and padded bras flat in the drawer without folding them if you have enough space. This helps maintain the shape of the bra. If space is limited, overlap the bras in half, with one cup in the other and the straps in the cup. Note that this can cause permanent wrinkles in one of the containers.

Move delicate panties and bras without padding or underwire before storing them. The overlay slides in half, at this point again in half and rolls properly. Place the moving notes in the drawer and stack them if necessary. Delicate bras should be tied, folded in half and reassembled at this point to keep them neatly in a drawer.

Hang lingerie like doll outfits, bathrobes, and shirts on padded hangers. Hang them in the storage room and leave enough space to avoid being trapped by other hanging objects.

Try not to be afraid to invest in a leather laundry.

In online stores like my-brandable.com, you can buy all types of lingerie, including bras and full sets. All of the above rules apply to her lingerie sets for women. If you follow the maintenance recommendations, you are legitimizing an investment in an expensive haute couture accessory.

Women’s leather underwear is not suitable for everyday use and is therefore mainly preserved. Ensure the soil is ideal for the materials so that you can use the set with your outfits for a long time. And if all else fails, where is the best place to buy such accessories for women, choose my-brandable.com! Here, top quality is combined with liberal sales.


Julia Maksheeva,

CMO of Brandable

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