What Type of Sunglasses are Best When Skiing?


Most of us do not think about sunglasses in the middle of winter when it is snowing, but when it comes to a skiing vacation, it is a little bit different. You may have never been skiing but you are likely to have seen professional skiers wearing goggles. So, why are these goggles or buy izipizi sunglasses required for skiing?

There are actually a few reasons they are required when skiing. The first is to improve vision. Just because it is snowy does not mean that the sun does not shine, and when it does it reflects bright light on the pristine white snow. Without protection for the eyes from this glare, it would be difficult to ski or take part in other activities such as snowboarding. A good pair of goggles with polarized lenses reduces the glare, making it more comfortable on the eyes and therefore easier to see. 

Another big reason for goggles or sunglasses when skiing is that they can help to provide contrast, which is necessary to improve visibility. Without contrast, everything on the slopes can blend into one making it can be extremely difficult to see things like dips and bumps in the snow. With colored lenses, everything becomes a bit clearer, which obviously makes it safer. 

In addition to providing greater clarity of vision, goggles will protect sensitive eyes from flying debris as well as protecting them from the cold wind. 

Can You Wear Sunglasses Instead of Goggles?

While wearing sunglasses is better than wearing no protection, it has to be said that goggles are the better choice for skiing. This is because they wrap around the eyes and provide a tight, snug fit. Snow goggles have foam padding that sits against the skin, providing a barrier against wind and flying snow. This provides the best protection for the eyes when on the slopes. 

If you are not planning to spend time on the slopes and instead just want to enjoy a snow vacation in a ski village, then regular sunglasses will be more than adequate, providing UV protection for your eyes. 

Best Glasses for a Ski Vacation

When it comes to choosing eyewear for a ski vacation, polarized lenses are a must as they reduce glare from the sun hitting the snow. You can get polarized goggles as well as sunglasses. Distributors such as Olympic Eyewear supply bulk designer sunglasses and goggles to retailers at wholesale prices. These top-quality products are perfect for those who plan to ski or those who just want to enjoy all the other activities that a ski vacation involves. 

When searching out either goggles or sunglasses for a winter vacation, you should look for a pair that also offers the maximum UV protection. These items will be marked with ‘100 percent UV protection’ or ‘UV 400 protection’. There are many different brands for you to choose from these days. If you are looking for a comfortable fit that protects more of the face, X-Loop sunglasses are a great choice. 

When looking for goggles, it is also worth considering the color of the lens as different colors allow for varying levels of visibility, depending on weather conditions. On sunny days, it is best to opt for darker colored lenses as these block much of the light whereas on cloudy days, lighter colored lenses are ideal as they allow more light in. 

The great news is that you do not have to spend a fortune on sunglasses or goggles. You can avail yourself of reliable products at great prices if you shop around.

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