Selecting the Most Appropriate Rugs


When shopping for cheap carpets online, another crucial element to consider is the range of construction styles available on the rug. The following are the most often seen rug types:

Rug that has been hand-knotted

These are woven one knot at a time by the world’s finest accomplished carpet weavers using centuries-old traditions. These carpets are of exceptional quality, and they are works of art that you can walk around on. A hand-knotted rug is one-of-a-kind, and it is created on a loom by hand, knot by knot, using materials such as silk, wool, bamboo silk, and cotton. Because of the flatter pile, the quality of these rugs is determined by the number of knots per square inch found at the back of each carpet. 

Better-quality carpet is defined as one that has more tightly packed knots per square inch of carpeting surface. A typical Jaipur Rugs hand-knotted carpet may have anywhere from two million to more than two million knots, and it can take anywhere from six to ten months to complete a hand-knotted carpet, depending on the design’s complexity. Hand-knotted rugs are subjected to 18 or more finishing procedures before taking on their final form and appearance.

Rug that has been hand-tufted

A hand-tufted carpet begins its life as a canvas stretched on a frame. A tufting tool is then used to punch strands of yarn into the canvas, following the pattern that has been sketched on the canvas. In comparison to hand-knotted carpets, this procedure is less labour demanding and time-consuming, and it requires far less talent. The scrim backing on the backside of a hand tufted rug is the quickest and most accurate method of recognising it as such. A fringe is typically added to a carpet by glueing or sewing it on to complete the look.


The parallel running fibres that make up the length of the rug (warp) and those that run along the breadth of the rug (weft) make up the whole surface of the rug, which is constructed without the use of any knots at any point. You will be better prepared to make an educated decision when purchasing handmade rugs online after you have mastered these three concepts.

Eco friendly

These cheap carpets are constructed with yarn that has been spun from recycled plastic, making them both environmentally beneficial and long-lasting. These, like any other synthetic fibre rug, can be made to look and feel like wool or cotton carpets, just as they may be made to appear and feel like wool or cotton. Rugs manufactured from recycled plastic are often hand-woven and very durable, making them excellent for use in high-traffic areas of the home or even outside in the summer. What’s more, there is more. Every time you walk on one of these multifunctional carpets, you will be reminded of your contribution to the preservation of the environment.

Advantages: Because they are environmentally friendly, they have no negative impacts on the environment and are simple to clean and maintain. If you have dogs or little children at home, they are the perfect carpets to have around the house. Cons: These are not stain resistant and might seem worn out and outdated over a period of time.

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