What Should You think About Playpen Before Buying a Playpen?


Your baby gets a perfectly safe space while you answer the door, get busy at housework or prepare yourself for your work. However, some experts criticised the culture of playpen saying playpen actually restrict children and they are often overused. But on the other hand, you must sometimes compromise with the design of your house or situation at home and would be compelled to place your baby somewhere sometimes safe. In this context, the playpen plays a very helpful role provided you have a good playpen in terms of safety and security. Get in touch with PinkiBlue in order to get the best playpen.

The contemporary trends at homes are to use the playpens or sometimes called play yards to put their babies when they not available to watch. However, contemporary playpens are more than just safe. The playpens that are available in the market are good looking and have the features of fold and pack systems. Some playpens come with the features to double as travel cots or can be converted into stair gates or room dividers or fireguards.

You can consider buying a playpen for your baby when the baby is about six or seven months old and starts to crawl. However, it is also a good idea to get the playpen a bit earlier before your baby moves around too much because your baby will get accustomed to it. When you are prepared to purchase a playpen, think where and how should you use it. For instance, do you think that your baby to be able to nap in the playpen, or do you think that you will take the playpen away for weekend and holidays? Once you consider about all the details of where and how to use them you can determine what type of a playpen you need.

You must always take note of the safety measures while buying the playpen. Check for BS EN 12227: 1999 or 2010 safety mark before you make the choice of the playpen. You must always avoid the playpens which are dirty, damaged or holes in thesides or holes in the floor padding. Choosing the second hand or used playpen in any situation is never advisable due to safety reasons. However, if you are to use a second-hand playpen, make sure that it is not damaged, or they do not have any loose parts.

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