What Are the Different Types of Lingerie?


Lingerie can make or break your day since it is the first thing you will wear in the morning. Remember as well that the first rule in feeling good is looking good. The right choice of lingerie will give you a boost of happiness and confidence, whether you are going out for a date night or just about any day that you want to be extra special. The following are some options to consider when you shop lingerie online.


This pair of underwear is sexy. This can be worn solo or be matched with a cami or bra to earn that low maintenance but high-impact appearance. A bikini is a classic cut. It has a low rise yet not too low. It provides back coverage but remains flirty and cute.


Certainly, you know what a bra is. A bra or a gorgeous underwear set can set the tone for an intimate evening whether it is your wedding night or any special night with your partner. There are various bra styles you can choose from such as push-up, balconette, triangle, demi, and more. You may opt for a bra that comes with embroidery or lace to make it worthy for a special occasion. You can try a balcony bra which is intended for romantic nights. It has cups that are covered in eyelash lace and it comes with a delicate bow.


When you shop lingerie online, you can certainly find the camisole also known as cami. It is a lingerie tank top that often comes with spaghetti straps. You may choose from a satin or silky fabric with some lace accents or a luxe vibe. This can be paired with tap shorts, the term for lingerie short-shorts. You may go for this look when you want to have a comfy night or you want something that feels like pajama on your wedding night. It is not over-the-top sexy but it makes you feel truly pampered. You may also wear it with a thong for it to show more skin.


A romper is a cami paired with a tap short. This is a one-piece type of lingerie with attached short-shorts. Rompers exude a playful vibe, and they are usually made of cotton or other comfy fabric which makes it comfy enough to cuddle in bed the morning after the wedding. Other options may be made of tulle or mesh, and they are often see-through to enhance your sex appeal.


This is the most revealing of all the lingerie types. It comes with a small strip of fabric at the back to flaunt the back side. For your big night, pair your thong with a cami, bustier, a garter belt, chemise, or corset or go topless. That naughty-and-nice look can be achieved using a classic lace thong.

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