How to Wholesale Your Handmade Jewelry


Why Should I Sell My Jewelry in Bulk?

Big advertising expenditure is required for a retail website to bring people (who will buy) to your site. If you are a marketing specialist, you will most likely spend a significant amount of time and resources attempting to attract visitors to your website. Furthermore, customers demand good service, such as email answers, return acceptance, and so on, which takes time. Even if you excel at interacting with prospective customers on Facebook and Twitter, these platforms will charge you to send your posts to all of your subscribers.

Wholesale handmade jewelry can make you experience some of these obstacles while also increasing your sales volumes. There are three primary reasons why wholesale is critical to your organization.

You receive less money for each sale when you use wholesale pricing. Your order amounts, however, are more. As a result, you spend much less time selling more stuff at a cheaper cost. You will also discover what is popular so you can make more of that sort of jewelry in the future.

Here are simple steps to get you started…

  • When you offer at craft shows or even other offline events, just post a sign on your stand stating that you accept wholesale orders. Is there any response to that? What kind of questions do you get?
  • Put links to wholesale queries or mention it on your retail sites if you sell on Etsy or your website.
  • Find 10 boutiques near you on Yelp that you believe would be a good fit for your product. Send them a link to your items and ask if they would be interested in purchasing your jewelry for their business.


How is your order minimum?

Do you demand payment in advance? How much does shipping cost? Do you provide worldwide shipping? Options for customizability? What is your timetable, i.e. how long will it take you to deliver their order? What are your refund and exchange policies? What if a piece is faulty? These are some of the questions you should consider since potential clients will ask you for this information.

What is your shipping time?

In terms of timing, you may either create a fixed amount and send goods within a few days, like in retail. Alternatively, I have seen a few designers exhibit a sample and solicit wholesale unique jewelry orders for the following season. So you would have around 2-3 months when you would have to deliver to the boutique.

Selling wholesale handmade earrings, needs forethought, work, and consistency. Most artists are not used to being marketers, but you have to be since you are the lone champion for your brand. You must believe in your work and sell it passionately. You can talk about your skills, the materials you use, design inspiration, and then follow that up with exceptional execution and client service. Continue to contact your customers to receive reorders and to let them know of your new creations. Your handmade jewelry collections can be selling in the greatest shops from around the country if you have the drive, a good marketing plan, and unique designs.

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