Was is the difference between Air Jordan high and Air Jordan low?


Let’s talk about the difference between Cheap Air Jordan highs vs Lows. The names are pretty self-explanatory, the highs sit higher on the ankle which help support the ankle and the lows sit lower. Initially it would be uncommon to see low tops on the basketball court, high tops simply ruled the game. In 2008, however, Nike started releasing low tops from their Nike Zoom Kobe line, and as Kobe was killing it on the court the shoes too started killing it, resulting in a surge in popularity. Nowadays it is reported that roughly half of the players in the NBA are wearing low tops. There were fears that an increase in low tops could also result in an increase in injuries, however, it was found that most injuries were caused by one player landing on another player’s foot, and in scenarios like this the difference in support between a low and high top became negligible. 

With all of that being said we admit that performance on the court isn’t the main focus for Jordans anymore, now it’s about how they look on the streets. When wearing lows, you’re given a little more freedom in the sense that they often will pair nicely with short or jeans, whereas, it’s typically best to just stick with jeans when wearing high Air Jordans. When wearing jeans or long pants with low Air Jordan you should keep two things in mind. Firstly, baggy jeans that hang over the shoe too much can be a bit distracting and take some of the attention away from your fresh kicks. Secondly, it’s good to show some ankle by rolling your jeans up slightly, otherwise what’s the point of wearing lows? 

If you’re wearing highs the same general rule applies to wearing a slimmer fitting pair of jeans but if you decide to go shorts, I have found that baggier shorts actually accentuate the look more. 

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