Changing The World One Tree At A Time – Plain Plants One Tree For Every Product They Sell


Our immediate environment is a major part of our lives, we are healthy because they are to. If by chance things get too worse, humanity will definitely go into extinction. Over the years, scientist have been trying to provide a lasting solution to our environmental issues, but none has been as productive as planting tree to revive the lost vegetations.

Other method might seem productive, but on the long-run they aren’t and they usually cause more problems that we never thought was going to happen. This has led to several damages in the environment and the need for more people to become cognizant of their environments by planting more trees.

Before we proceed, let’s take a look at the three critical aspects of an increasingly warmer planet and how they are gradually taking life out of our environment.

  1. Increasing heat alters ice, oceans and weather

According to the recent weather update released by United Nations, 90% of natural disasters that has happened over the period of 5 years are weather related. This extra warmth caused by global warming are gradually melting down the cryosphere (the frozen water on the surface of the earth). This warming is causing imbalances in the water bodies which often cause several environmental hazards around the globe.

  1. Causes Serious Reduction In Human life and prosperity

No nation can survive without food and the sad story here is that the effects of climate change are gradually taking food off our table. The effects of global warming have changed the pattern of rainfall, expose crops to pest and disease attacks, and reduce the vitality of crops.

  1. Hostile environment

The world is an ecosystem where millions of species strive on a daily basis to survive. The issue of climate change has reduced their population great and cause extinction. This is usually as a result of the destruction of their natural habitat and environmental pollution.

The Benefits of Planting Trees and How Plain Is Helping To achieve This

Despite all these challenges, Plain Los Angeles is showing no sign of backing down from the challenge and leaving the world for destruction. Over the years, they have been able to plant over 10000 trees. They have a policy which encourages the planting of trees. At Plain wear, for every product your buy from them, they give back into the environment by planting a tree.

Right here are some of the benefits why Plain Los Angeles choose to give back to the environment by planting trees.

  • Trees are able to produce more ozone layers, which in turn help reduce the intensity of sunlight and suppress harsh environmental conditions
  • Trees produces oxygen which also help improve our air quality, filter the excess dust, and dilute carbon monoxides and other pollutants.
  • Improve the natural habitat of wildlife and provide them with all they need to stay available.



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