Top seven trends for women footwear in 2020


Gone are the days when the feet were merely supporting in the looks, right? Today, shoes are the real protagonist of the ladies’ look. And, of course, we could not fail to bring the footwear trend that has invaded fashion in 2020. Some models are super new; others have already been a trend and have come back with everything. Find out more about what will hit the fashion world and select the shoes from Prtya according to your style, budget, and taste of fashion.

Square toe sandals

Straight from the 90s to fill the ladies’ closet: square-front shoes started showing up last season and will not go out of style anytime soon – especially in 2020, a year that several trends from the past few years will revive in store windows.

Medium block jump

Another trend that is not new, but will compose many looks from now on. The medium height block heel comes to bring beauty, but especially a lot of comfort for women.

Differentiated jumps

You know that different shoe you swore you would never wear? Because this year may be the perfect excuse to try other models and more work when composing the look. Geometric shapes are some of the designs that arrive as details in the footwear trends 2020.

Leaf spout

And another novelty is sandals, heels, mules and other models with the front base in leaf shape, triangular style. Who has a more sensual style likes to bet on bolder looks will love this trend.

Vinyl with animal print

The vinyl is there since last season starring the shoes and bags, right? In 2020, the trend continues: now, instead of transparent vinyl, it appears in a mixture with animal print. This is a fashion that never goes away, right?

Straw shoe

The natural elements will also appear, see? Among the various materials, linen and ropes will also have a special highlight. Whether in a mule or a super-worked anabela heel, the apparently natural shoes, this is also one of the shoe trends that come to unite beauty and comfort.

Metallic shoes

Gold, bronze, silver… the metallic shoes are also bet for the footwear trends for 2020. And don’t even think it’s just for the night events. And if you haven’t already purchased your model, run there. You can join trends and bet on different styles: an animal print, metallic, made of natural materials. There will be plenty of options.

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