Magnet Nail Polish in the Right Limits


One of the biggest news for nails is the magnetic enamels that have a slightly metallic finish, giving a perfect finish to your nails ideal for all occasions.Magnetic enamel has this effect since in its composition there are small metal particles, where the most interesting is when a magnet approaches the nails the particles end up in line with the drawing on the magnet.The enamels can be found in different shades such as green, blue, black, gray, purple, red and others. To give your nails a different effect, you must purchase the magnets separately in the design you want.

Magnetic Enamel Where To Buy?

The varied colors of magnetic enamels can be found in all cosmetics and perfumery stores in your city, where there are different brands, colors and models allowing you to choose the one you like best.

The prices in which the enamels are sold vary according to the brand, but on average the bottle does not cost less than R $ 10.00 for being different enamel and a more incorporated composition. See some pages where you can buy nail polish. Make a visit to for the right results.

Online Nail Polish

These are just some of the pages where you can find the magnetic enamel and make your nail even more beautiful and elegant, with a unique and exclusive effect of the enamels.

How To Use Magnetic Enamel

The magnetic enamel should be used like any other common enamel that we have at home and the difference is the magnet effect.

See Below How To Do It:

  • 1st step – Prepare your nails as usual by sanding, cutting and removing the buds.
  • 2nd step – Apply a thin base coat to the nails before applying the magnetic enamel.
  • 3rd step – Apply two layers of the magnetic enamel to have a perfect nail coverage without leaving any missing pieces.
  • 4th step – When finishing the layers, place the proper magnet with a drawing very close to the nails, so it will form the same design.
  • 5th step – Do this on all nails and then clean the corners and your nail is ready.

Do not forget the top coat

This is the last coat to apply to the nails before drying. The top coat is a transparent or colored product, to be applied on the second coat of varnish. This finishing product serves as a fixer. Its shiny touch brings a very nice rendering. But this top coat is also essential for another reason: thanks to it, the nail polish flakes much less quickly. Applying a top coat does not prevent then resorting to the most famous but also the most effective trick to accelerate the hardening of the varnish: quickly run your varnished and dry nails under very cold water and let your hands dry. outdoors.

How to apply?

Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy! The instructions come in the enamel box too, but you only need to apply one layer and then position the cap on the tip of the nail for 20 seconds to “pull” the pigment and give that gradient effect. But nothing to go out wearing any extra shine on, okay? They leave the enamel stained and spoil the effect. Even with the extra shine of the brand, you have to place the magnet next.

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