Tips for Choosing a Good and Quality T-shirt


When you shop for t-shirts or other needs of course, as a buyer you have to be selective, right? Because so that you avoid unwanted things such as dissatisfaction after buying it. Currently, t-shirts have become a favorite for people who like a casual or casual appearance.

Therefore, we would like to share some tips on how to choose a quality t-shirt. Through this article, I hope you can minimize the occurrence of dissatisfaction after buying a t-shirt.

These 4 things you should not leave when you are going to buy a t-shirt:

  1. Selection of Shirt Material

When you want to buy a t-shirt, knowing the t-shirt material is very important and you need to know. Because sometimes not a little material from the shirt is very influential when you wear it.

The choice of t-shirt material in making the selection is very important because the material of the t-shirt is very influential when you wear it. Because sometimes not a few of the materials from the t-shirts that are sold are of poor quality, aka how many times they have been used, they have been damaged or the threads come out immediately. In choosing this material, we recommend that you buy a t-shirt that uses cotton. Because shirts that use cotton feel softer when you wear them. In addition, t-shirts made of cotton will absorb sweat better, so they will be very comfortable when used for any activity. There are even many sports t-shirts made with cotton.

  1. Material Easily Absorbs Sweat

A good and comfortable distro shirt is a shirt that easily absorbs sweat. T-shirts that easily absorb sweat will feel comfortable when worn. Because if the fabric cannot absorb sweat when the weather is hot, it will cause body odor and make the body uncomfortable. Like brand from, the material and design is good.

  1. Observe the Stitch Neatness

In addition to the material, the quality of the stitches on the shirt is also very important because the stitches on the shirt are basically forming the shirt so that it looks appropriate when worn. Why do we advise you to pay more attention to the stitching on the shirt?? Because what you fear is that the shirts you buy when you wash them have a lot of loose or damaged stitches, that’s the thing you’re most afraid of, and how do you tell the difference between good stitches and not? The trick is to see the neatness of the stitches on the shirt that you are going to buy. Usually the stitches that look less tight or loose are not good quality stitches or poor results.

  1. Screen Printing Selection

So if the pictures or writings on your shirts are from screen printing, you have to pay close attention to the screen printing of the shirts you buy. Usually people judge that screen printing is the same even though it is not. Not infrequently also t-shirt screen printing that is not durable alias has just been washed how many times it has broken. Therefore you have to be more selective in buying the shirts that you will buy and wear.

Along with the development of time, the use of manual screen printing has experienced a shift because its use is impractical and troublesome. Now there is another way that is more practical and produces prints that are no less interesting. Like printing t-shirts using the Press Method. To make t-shirts using the Press Method, you need supporting equipment that can produce the best t-shirts.

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