In order not to be wrong, these are 4 tips for choosing gold jewelry


Intend to look lit with gold-tone jewelry? Nowadays getting gold jewelry is much easier than it used to be. There is a wide selection of products that offer a variety of qualities. But to get the best quality gold jewelry, you can’t just choose. There are several important factors that you should consider before deciding to own and use the jewelry. For that so as not to be wrong, first learn the tips for choosing gold jewelry below.

  1. Choose jewelry with solid gold instead of plated gold

Plated gold is usually cheaper than solid gold jewelry. This coating will fade over time, depending on how often the jewelry is worn. In general, the first tip for choosing gold jewelry is to consider buying gold plated jewelry if you will only wear it occasionally, otherwise it will not last long.

  1. Research by asking the gold content of the jewelry you estimate until the last price of gold

Did you know that not all gold jewelry is made entirely of gold? Some of them are simply plated with gold and underneath the coating is iron or some other type of metal.

So that when your eyes are spoiled with various forms of gold-colored jewelry, it’s a good idea to ask the seller in detail. What percentage of gold content is contained in the jewelry.

In addition, it would be better if you took the time to check the price of gold, so that you stay updated on the development of gold marketing. Currently, you can go through an online site or go directly to the place where the gold is sold.

Keep in mind that the higher the carat content of a gold jewelry, the more expensive the price. So consider the issue of price when choosing a carat calculation on jewelry.

In addition, another thing that must be seen as well, namely resilience. Pure gold is considered very soft, the lower the carat content of the jewelry, the harder and longer the product will be.

  1. Don’t forget to pay attention to your skin’s reaction to gold jewelry

If the skin on your ears, hands, or neck is allergic to nickel, make sure that the type of metal under the layer of gold jewelry you choose does not contain nickel. This often happens when buying a ring.

It’s better if you want to choose a ring, it is better to buy a ring made of solid gold because it will be more durable and have a small risk of causing allergies to the skin.

  1. Understand the karat calculation on a gold jewelry

Keep in mind, the carat count in gold is a number that shows how much pure gold is out of a total of 24 carats contained in a piece of jewelry.

For example, 10 carat gold. This means that the jewelry in question contains about 42% gold (10 divided by 24), and the rest of the content is nickel, zinc, iron and a mixture of other materials. and you can get all this at

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