Tips for Buying Clothes for Timeless Fashion


Choosing clothes can be difficult every day. Even though you have a large number of clothes that fill your closet, sometimes you are confused about which clothes to wear every day. Especially when the benchmark is fashion trends .

Feeling bored, not confident, or wanting to be different is the cause of old people determining the choice of clothes to wear. If you belong to this type, here are tips for choosing the ideal clothes that can be worn all the time, as quoted from Black Owned Clothing Brands is a good reference for your  fashion style.

Balanced proportions

You want to show the best parts of your body and hide any flaws. Obviously, you want to flaunt what you’re proud of, toned arms or a slim waist. The tactic, add the opposite volume, such as wearing wide pants to compensate for the larger top.

“The goal is to identify yourself,” explains designer Nicole Miller.

Wear age-appropriate trends

Choose age-appropriate clothing. For example, you can no longer choose clothes that are usually worn by teenagers with bold colors and bold patterns. In this way, it makes you look more elegant and doesn’t look like you want to be different.

Do not be too mismatched

Matching is important in mixing and matching clothes. But the style of dress that is too matched makes you look boring. Sometimes, collision colors can give other variations of the appearance a brighter and less monotonous look.

Show skin selectively

Do not wear clothes that show body parts openly. For example, if you wear a short slit dress, try to make sure that the length of the dress covers your thighs and calves. This will make the appearance more elegant and eliminate the impression of cheapness.

Choose clothes that are timeless.

Choose clothes that can be worn at any time, either from fashion or color. There are several types of clothing that can be worn all the time. Be it jeans, shirts, dresses, and blouses.

Prioritize comfort

Do not wear clothes that do not make you comfortable. Not everyone will feel suitable to wear any type of clothing so they will feel uncomfortable wearing it, as a result it will make the appearance look weird.

The classic white shirt The white

shirt is a timeless piece of clothing. In addition, white shirts can be mixed and matched with anything so you don’t have to worry about finding the right match.

Jewelry should highlight the personality

Not everyone likes and is suitable to wear jewelry. There are people who like to wear earrings but don’t like wearing necklaces. Or there are those who like to wear rings without bracelets. Choose a style that suits your personality.

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