5 Tips for Buying Item Party Dresses to Appear More Confident


If the girl said she wanted to go to a party, the contents of her closet could be ruffled because she was confused about which party dress to look for. Basically when someone goes to a party the first thing that comes to mind is how to look stunning, not too much and definitely not the wrong costume either. I have some tips for choosing a party dress, check it out 🙂

  1. Match the concept/theme of the party

This is very important, because there are usually several parties held with a certain concept. It must also be distinguished whether the event is a formal, semi-formal or casual event. It’s not funny if it’s a casual event but you wear a Victorian dress with excessive heels and accessories. In the end, it wasn’t even comfortable.

  1. Choose clothes according to body shape

For those of you who are thin and short, you can use clothes above the knee with a flare or wide bottom model because it will add to the cute impression, while for those of you who are fat, don’t use clothes that are too narrow or too big but if they fit just right. Wearing clothes that are too big will sometimes make you look less confident. Another tip is also to choose dark colors to make it look more elegant. For those of you who are tall and thin, you don’t need to worry because surely all models will look good.

  1. Clothes pattern

For formal events, it is recommended not to choose party clothes with many motifs, but choose a more plain one. It’s different when you attend a semi-formal or casual event, you can choose a party dress or a patterned dress or suit.

  1. Choose the color of the clothes according to your skin color

– Fair skin

Choose bright colors to make it look fresher and not pale, if you want to be more elegant, choose neutral colors.

-Brown skin

You can use gray, black, brown and even blue and red colors can still be an option so you look more charming

-dark skin

So, for those of you who have dark skin, avoid brown and black, but you can choose light and soft shades.

  1. Accessories

The choice of accessories is also important to complete your appearance, so accessories are a part that you cannot leave. For clothes with complex models or with busy patterns, don’t use excessive accessories, while for plain party clothes you can add cute belts, or jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and rings.

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