The Right Tools Are Now Available for Ghost Hunting


Ghost hunting works lets you slip into the shoes of a ghost hunter. Such a profession does not take place without suitable equipment! Thus, as you progress , you will unlock new items that will help you in your games.

In order to identify the ghost present in your game, you have several items of equipment already mentioned in this ghost hunting guide. There are, however, other items that improve your playing comfort and allow you to prevent yourself from being attacked by a ghost.

Ultraviolet Camera Light

Also available in a more powerful version, the Ultraviolet Camera Light is your best ally in the dark. It is possible to use it to illuminate in front of you in a cone, but also to prevent the attack of a ghost if the lamp starts to flash.

Note that you can equip another item and turn on the Ultraviolet Camera Light using a key. You will be able to light in front of you, while using another object.

Electric LED Light Up Dowsing Rods

The Electric LED Light Up Dowsing Rod behaves like another light source. Although rather weak, this source can be deposited on the ground or on a piece of furniture and last for the whole game. The Electric LED Light Up Dowsing Rod can also be used to find footprints.

Incense Bouquet

This is an item that will be very useful for more complicated contracts. By burning a bouquet of incense, you will lessen the impact of a ghost in the surroundings. It is recommended that you use them when a ghost is a little too aggressive or impacting your team.

LED Light

LED Lights provide a small additional light source. They can also be used to light other LED Light present on the premises or a bouquet of incense.The light of a LED Lightis bright enough. The ghost can not blow on the candle to extinguish it, and cut you off from any light source.


The lighter is one of the lowest light sources in the game. However, they can help your teammates light candles and incense bouquets. In addition, having a lighter allows you to be more easily spotted by your teammates in the dark.


Salt can be placed on the ground. Rather, it is recommended to use it in or at the entrance to the room where the ghost is located.If a ghost crosses the salt pile, the salt will then leave footprints on the ground (except for specter-type ghosts since the latter float above the ground).

The Tripod

Ideal for use with a night vision camera, the tripod lets you place the night vision camera just about anywhere in a room to view ghostly orbs.There is still other equipment in Ghost hunting, but these are rather available at higher level and for more complicated contracts. Feel free to check out the rest of our guide and tips for Ghost hunting.

For the tools mentioned in this list purchasing the same from the UK based ghost hunting stores can be quite easy and cheap. You can simply see more equipment here and choose the ones that is useful for you and get on with your process.

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