The Reasons Online Shopping Is Really Popular


Online shopping recently experienced a huge boom, with people across the world embracing it. This is understandable given how easy and convenient online shopping is, as all it demands is a good internet connection; no need to go outside, get into the car, and travel.

With people stuck at home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, unable to go out and buy the stuff they need, they’ve turned to online shopping for their purchasing needs. This is only one of the reasons for online shopping becoming so popular, however; here are a few more.

Convenient and safe

Best to get this one out of the way; the first and most commonly mentioned benefit to online shopping and its popularity is the convenience it provides to users and customers across the world.

People don’t have to leave their houses and potentially get stuck in traffic to look at products that might interest them; they just need a good internet connection. If they find something they want, they can pay with their credit cards with just a few clicks.

This particular point, while commonly talked about, is important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the first half of 2021 saw improvements across the world in terms of conditions, some people are taking the cautious approach and steering clear of brick-and-mortar stores regardless.

Free and fast shipping

Free shipping is something that’s great for both the buyers and the retailers. For buyers, it allows them to avoid paying money to stay at home, potentially opening up the chance for additional purchases. This chance is what retailers like, as additional purchases can balance out the delivery costs of providing free shipping.

Overall, free shipping has been linked to improved conversion and lowered cart abandonment, which is a fairly common habit by shoppers.

Another good thing about online shopping is delivery speed. There’s a wait time, sure, but it beats having to be stuck in traffic. Additionally, customers can opt for premium shipping to get their products as quickly as possible in exchange for additional costs, something that Amazon has capitalized on.

Lower prices and better comparisons

Pricing is one of the biggest factors towards influencing customers’ purchasing behaviours, unsurprisingly, with the majority of customers always looking for the best bargain. With the financial issues that customers might have to deal with, the bargains that online shopping make so accessible has helped its popularity greatly.

The ease with which online shopping allows customers compare prices between brands and products have only helped on that front.

More options

An extension of the above point, online shopping removes the barriers of geography from customers, letting them choose from a range of products and brands that physical stores can’t really compete with.

Additionally, they can browse through more promos and discounts to find the one that appeals to them the most. It’s easier than ever for shoppers to get news on deals thanks to opt-in email marketing and other tools.

Customer reviews

Thanks to being social creatures, humans pay a lot of attention to social proof. This means that customer reviews are powerful tools when it comes to swaying people’s purchasing decisions. Online shopping makes it easy to post and see reviews, which helps provide brands and products with credibility, while providing platforms like Amazon marketplace transparency and insight into customers.

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