Five unique places to get married in Spain without spending a fortune


When you decide to take a step as big as a wedding, one of the most important factors is the choice of your venue. The space and surroundings determine the mood and moments of your wedding. That is why we are fans of wedding destination, because they can offer your guests unique experiences in an unknown country. Spain wedding has become one of the favorite destinations for many foreign couples to get married. The climate, the variety of spaces and environments, and the delicious cuisine are the main reasons that lead the couple to choose Spain.

Fain Viejo Estate

Fain Viejo was an old agricultural farm for years that continues to maintain an imposing character to this day, and offers a spectacular setting to celebrate the union and subsequent celebration of your wedding. The place has large interior rooms and outdoor gardens, where you can have snacks or cocktails outdoors. Besides, the farm has nine rooms perfect for the couple to spend their wedding night without having to move.


Located on Paseo de la Castellana and with a dreamy view, the Sinsombrero restaurant has all the facilities with the necessary amenities to celebrate a wedding. The restaurant has the best seasonal products and has a decor inspired by the twenty centuries in a modernized version, which makes this space a unique place in the capital.

La Cartuja de Ara Christi

The monastery of La Cartuja de Ara Christi has become one of the most exclusive and sought after spaces in the Community of Valencia in recent years. In this incredible building, magic and simplicity come together so that your wedding day is wrapped in a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. Built in the 17th century, the monastery was declared a Heritage of Cultural Interest.

Ibiza Island

Thanks to its spectacular, sparkling beaches and unmistakable sunsets, Ibiza is a heavenly place and a dream setting to celebrate weddings in Spain. The ME Ibiza is a beautiful hotel with beachside facilities for a modern seaside wedding. It has outdoor and indoor spaces that can be arranged for different moments of the wedding. You can also enjoy restaurants and terraces overlooking the sea.

Salobre Resort and Serenity

The Salobre Hotel Resort and Serenity is located in the countryside, in the south of Gran Canaria, and is a spectacular 5-star resort, perfect for enjoying any type of event and wedding. The hotel offers spectacular views of the mountains and the sea, as well as having one of the most important golf courses in the region. To celebrate an unforgettable wedding near the beach, it has 1,600 square meters distributed in different spaces and a large panoramic terrace. If you are interested in searching for more places to get married in Spain, do not forget to make a quick internet search.

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