The Latest Jewelry Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Winter


Whether you’re rocking jeans and a cozy sweater or an elegant party dress, jewelry can really lift your winter looks.

Not only does jewelry offer the perfect finishing touch and a hint of sophisticated sparkle, but accessories like chunky chains, delicate pendants, and strings of pearls are perfect for adding a new dimension to even the most basic cold-weather ensembles.

But what are the leading jewelry trends you should be trying on this season? Keep reading to find out!

Modern Pearls

Fashion trends may come and go but jewelry staples like pearls will always be in style. That said, today’s pearls are nothing like those your grandmother would have worn. Modern pearls are sculptural, extravagant, and unexpected, bringing a touch of drama and elegance to your winter ensembles. As well as classic strings of pearls, other options include stacked pearl chokers, pearl rings, and even pearl ear cuffs.

Forever Jewelry

The holiday season might bring a lot of winter jewelry costume bling. But it’s also a time when many people exchange more timeless types of jewelry. This winter, in particular, prepare to see plenty of people showing off delicate and meaningful forever pieces from Argyle Jewelers, such as diamond-encrusted pendants and sapphire drop earrings.

Lightweight Chandelier Earrings

Huge and heavy door knocker-style earrings can be a real pain to wear for more than an hour or two. Luckily, this season, ultra-light chandelier earrings are one of the top winter jewelry trends. Think delicate, extra-long drops, fine filigree bursts of gold, and stone-encrusted wire-thin loops. Party season is set to be a lot less painful for your earlobes this year!

Chunky Matching Sets

Don’t do delicate? Don’t worry! Eighties nostalgia is in overdrive this season, with chunky matching chain and earring sets set to bring some kitsch cool to your festive celebrations. For the ultimate ’80s look, pair thick gold hoops with a heavyweight gold chain, slicked-back hair, and shoulder pads.

Cute Charms

Whether they’re hanging from hoops or adorning a bracelet, cute personalized charms are one of the best jewelry trends for showing off your unique style. Jewelry industry favorites include personalized charms on bracelets, initials on intertwined necklaces, and birthstone charms on earrings.

Lariat Necklaces

Lariat necklaces are another top winter jewelry trend that you’re sure to see a lot more of this season. The extra-long length of a lariat adds a definite sense of drama to any outfit, while also being a great way to highlight a low neckline on your new party dress. And, lariat necklaces look great with turtlenecks too, making them ideal for all kinds of winter looks.

The Top Jewelry Trends for This Winter

As this list shows, there’s something for everyone when it comes to jewelry trends this winter.

From cute charms to chunky chains, delicate chandelier earrings to fine pieces of forever jewelry, you’re sure to sparkle this party season, no matter what your style.

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