Hiking boots: which are the best of 2021?


Are you looking for hiking boots? We have been in your place. Getting optimal hiking boots requires some work, since there are many details to consider and each one counts. Unlike the choice of urban footwear, here aesthetics are not enough (and frankly, it matters little). Hiking shoes should be practical, comfortable and serve your needs.

To make your task easier, we have put together this buying guide. It is designed for different activities and needs. Thus, you can choose your perfect boots and fully enjoy your outings to nature. Or you can check Mou Classici for more MOU.

The most important

Know if you need winter boots or summer boots. This will also influence the type of sole you choose, the material of the boot and the presence or not of automatic or semi-automatic crampons.

The soles of your boots should be as rigid as possible within your comfort. Always choose good brands. Saving too much on hiking boots can be very expensive.

Boots must be waterproof and breathable. Take this into account when choosing the membrane for your boots. Whenever you can, do not hesitate, opt for Gore-Tex membranes.

The best hiking boots on the market: our favorites

We have prepared this selection for men and women who want to go hiking with low, medium and high difficulty. There are options for different demands and difficulties. There are also summer and winter boots, mid-calf and high-calf. We cover a wide range of requirements and even budgets. We are confident that you will find your ideal hiking boots in the following selection.

Shopping guide: What you should know about hiking boots

We have prepared this complete guide so that you know everything important when choosing your hiking boots. Join us on this tour. We will talk about hiking and the boots that you can use to practice it. Also other details that will make your experience even more exciting and pleasant.

What are hiking boots and what advantages do they have?

Mountain boots are the right footwear for mountain terrain. There are several types, depending on the weather and the activity you want to do. Mountain terrain can be treacherous and the weather variable. For this reason, we recommend that you choose boots of the best quality and for the precise activity that you are going to do. Among the advantages of mountain boots, we find the following:

  • They are resistant
  • Protect the foot from sprains
  • They cling to the ground
  • They prevent the entry of water
  • They allow to release perspiration
  • They isolate the cold
  • They cushion the footprint

What is hiking?

Hiking is considered a non-competitive sports activity. It consists of walking trails on foot in the mountains or in the countryside. The degree of difficulty is generally low. Therefore, it is an activity that can be carried out by people of all ages.

The practice of hiking gives the possibility of knowing new places, establishing a close relationship with nature. It is a healthy, low-impact activity that helps clear the mind and fills us with vitality. For all that, it is highly recommended.

When to wear hiking boots?

Hiking shoes have excellent materials, both in their membranes and in their soles. On the other hand, they provide greater mobility than mountain boots. For this reason, they are best for stable and slightly uneven terrain.

Hiking boots, on the other hand, help to maintain a greater ankle support. Therefore, they are ideal for people who have suffered sprains and foot injuries. You should also use hiking boots if you are going to travel rough terrain or do ascents of certain technical difficulty. In addition to protecting the ankle joint, they help maintain firmer support on steep slopes. Therefore, they provide greater security.

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