The Best New Sandals to Buy in 2021


Have you ever wondered when all the fashion rules went out the window? Maybe it’s when the Met Gala began. Did you see this year’s fashion trends? Kim Kardashian always makes a splash, doesn’t she?

The whole notion about not wearing white after Labor Day is long gone. And so are any rules about sandals.

If you live in a temperate climate, or south of the border, new sandals are a staple. There will always be a “right time” for them.

Without further ado, here are a few pairs that must walk their way into your wardrobe.

Viscata Escala

Let’s kick things off with one of the most stylish sandals that were ever created: the espadrille. We love everything about this pair, from heel to toe.

Starting with the heel, they have a gorgeous ankle tie that really makes a statement. Also, you’ll be standing tall on two-and-a-half-inch platforms for a nice little lift.

The toe box is perfectly crafted with a nice, rounded appeal. Best of all, these beauties are handmade in Spain and anyone who owns a pair can plan on holding onto them for years to come.

HASEL Scarf and Chain

If you check out The Label, you’ll find a pair of mid-heel mules that we’re dying over.

They’re a delicate little kitten heel made from vegan leather that boasts the cutest little scarf woven into a gorgeous gold chain.

They come in a couple colors, but we must add the red pair to our inventory as soon as possible. If you fancy a little Parisian charm, you can tie a red scarf around your neck and be coordinated from head to toe.

Hoy Salt Water Sandals

Now, let’s take things down a notch if you’re in the market for new shoes that won’t break the bank (or your ankle).

We love this brand, Salt Water. They started manufacturing their shoes back in 1944 using scrap leather from World War II boots. How cool is that?

They’ve earned themselves a multigenerational fan base, and rightly so. Their Hoy sandals are made for shopping online; you don’t have to try these shoes on to know they’re comfortable.

These are open-toed sandals with braided leather and adorable ankle straps. The soft leather makes these a dream to wander around town in, skirts billowing.

Jiohn Ankle Wrap High Heels

While the Hoy Salt Water sandal is for grocery shopping and promenades along the boardwalk, the Jiohn Ankle Wrap Heels are for your five-course meals along the Mediterranean.

We’re talking four-inch heels, an open toe, and a satin detail that will embrace your entire foot, all the way up to your ankle.

It’s a masterful statement piece, particularly if you have a little black dress you’ve been meaning to dress up. We’re fans of the emerald green satin, but you can make an entrance with their red heels, too.

Amazon Essentials H

The ratings speak for themselves. At over a thousand nearly five-star reviews, it’s easy to see why these are closet staples for anyone hunting for new footwear.

They’re even more dressed down than our lovely Hoy Salt Water sandals. Here, you’re looking at a basic, flat sandal with supple brown leather in the shape of an “H.”

If you have a friend named Holly, Heather, or Hannah, this could be the perfect holiday gift. They’re comfortable; they’ll pair well with everything in your wardrobe; and Holly, Heather, or Hannah will be able to walk for miles in these slip-ons.

SIEFO Diamante High Heel

Are you looking for something with a Cinderella feel? Then, these diamante heels are just the ticket.

They’re our favorite pair of sandals with diamante spikes up the heel and around the ankle strap. The same goes for the delicate swipe of diamante that will cross over your toes.

The three-and-a-half-inch heel is made of clear PVC. So, you’ll be well-supported and truly show-stopping.

Benjamin Solid

The Benjamin Solid sandal is made by the Charleston Shoe Company. And we’ll cut right to the chase: the coolest thing about the shoes and sandals from this company is that they’re machine-washable!

Yup; you read that right. All of their shoes are lightweight, versatile, and made to withstand the occasional go-around in your washing machine.

Most of their price tags clock in a little over a hundred dollars. But, in our minds, it’s worth it when you consider how long they’ll look brand new.

We love the Benjamin Solid, however, because it’s about as comfortable as can be. You’ll don crisscross ankle straps that stretch for added comfort. And the toe strap is reinforced with a span of leather so your toes won’t slide forward.

We love everything about this shoe store and this sandal, in particular.

Plaka Flat Sandals

Finally, if you have any plans for a beach getaway, you must pack a pair of Plaka flats. Again, the Amazon reviews say it all about these new shoes.

We love the stylish rope detail that will dance across your feet. If you have a straw hat to lounge in, you have to pair it with these sun-loving sandals.

They’re water-resistant and come in a cute little cotton shoe bag. They’re beckoning to be added to your suitcase the next time you head toward sandy shorelines.

The Best New Sandals for You

And there you have it! Indeed, sandal season is never out of season. As you start shopping for your new sandals, we encourage you to try any one of these on for size.

In no time at all, you’ll have comfortable espadrilles, statement-making high heels, and comfortable leather flats for Sunday farmers’ markets.

As you continue to build out your wardrobe, keep coming back to visit our site. All of our fashion advice is curated with your stylish needs in mind.

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