The Best Hidden Tattoo Placement Ideas for When You Want to Keep Your Ink a Secret

tattoo placement ideas

Tattoos provide you with an awesome way to express yourself through art. According to one statistic, at least 40% of adults between the ages of 18 and 34 have at least one or more tattoos.

While the ideas of tattoos aren’t as taboo as they once were, some people prefer to get them in an area of the body that’s easy to hide.

If you need some helpful hidden tattoo placement ideas, read on for a few ways you can get a new tattoo that’s easy to cover up.

On the Feet

One of the best hidden places for a tattoo is on your feet. If you tend to wear socks and shoes a lot, this is one of the easiest ways to keep your tat hidden unless you want to show it off.

For even better coverage, get the tattoo on the bottom of your foot. Although that area is tender and it might hurt more than some other parts of the body, it’s by far one of the most discreet hidden tattoo placement ideas of all.

Tattoo Placement Ideas: Back Area

As you think about where to get a tattoo, there are several locations on the back where a tattoo can easily be hidden. Unless you enjoy wearing tank tops or going shirtless, the lower back or shoulder blades are two great spots.

Don’t get a tattoo on your upper arms or on the very upper part of the back near the neck, unless you don’t mind your tat peeking out. Otherwise, stick to areas where you know a normal shirt will cover it up (until you take it off or wear a tank).

The Ear Area

The best placement for small tattoos that you want to hide is on or near the ears. You can get a tattoo directly on your earlobe, or get one right behind the ear on your neck area.

Either of these locations is easy to hide with your hair, and you can still show your tattoo off when you wear your hair up. If you need some inspiration, view these tattoo trends to get some great ideas.

Hidden Places for a Tattoo on the Arms

You might assume that the arms are a no-go if you want a tattoo that’s easy to hide. But the upper and inner bicep areas are both great tattoo placement ideas where you can easily cover it up.

Another spot on the arms that are easily hidden is on the very upper portion of your arms near the shoulder. Unless you wear a tank top, this tattoo is easy to cover up with a simple tee, long-sleeved shirt, or sweater.

Find Your Perfect Tat

Keep these clever tattoo placement ideas in mind if you want a tat that’s easy to hide. With the right spot, you’ll get an awesome tattoo that you can show off, but only when you want to.

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