Sending Flowers to Japan


Even those who do not know much about the importance of flowers in Japan, they can notice the flower symbolism in Japanese culture. Flowers play a vital role in mesmerizing Japanese art, literature and everyday life with their vibrancy and fragrance. Flowers are a major part of the Japanese way of life specifically inspired by the spirituality under the influence of Buddhist ideology. The unique language of flowers known as ‘Hanakotoba’, describes a different meaning for every flower. According to this language, every flower portrays a different meaning and is used to display a particular sentiment or emotion.

On various occasions send flowers to japan are the best way of communication without having to say anything verbally, in Japan. So if you have someone special living in the beautiful land of Japan, flowers will make certain an auspicious gift. With the progression taking place in the field of technology, distance does not matter anymore. Your remembrance can be felt by your loved ones easily via online gift delivery. Some of the popular flowers that promote Japanese culture include cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, peony, lotus, and carnation.

Cherry blossom is the most popular and significant flower in Japan. A festival is specially celebrated to honor its arrival in the spring. The flower is also a symbol of courtesy and gentleness relating to the acceptance of any imperfection. Secondly, the chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of the Emperor and the Imperial family. It is represented on the Imperial Seal, Japanese passports and the coin of 50 yen. Peony is known as the ‘King of Flowers’ and is used to represent good fortune, courage, and honor.

Lotus is globally recognized as one of the most spiritual and enchanting flowers. The purity of body, speech, and mind is represented through it in Japanese culture. Lastly, carnations are a manifestation of affection, distinction, and fascination. They are mostly gifted on Mother’s Day. The best practical example of using flowers in Japanese culture can be seen in the arrangement of flowers – ikebana. ‘Giving life to flowers’ is the actual translation of the word ikebana which is a unique way of describing the arrangement of flowers.

Flowers signify the Japanese culture both, traditionally and contemporarily across many areas of the country. Various Japanese art prints also have popular Japanese flowers printed on them. Moreover, flowers are also visible in other works of literature, poetry, songs, and films. Their importance is also greatly reflected through consumer goods that have prints of different flowers. Anyone living in Japan realizes the beauty and extravagance of flowers. Therefore, sending flowers to Japan would be extraordinary.

flowers  delivery japan are the basic identity of Japan and as different flowers portray different meanings, they can be sent to a special person. The facility of online delivery can be availed and flowers can be sent anywhere in Japan. Discovering a wide variety of flowers available will add delight to the day of your special one. Any occasion can now be joyfully celebrated by receiving flowers as a gift on the very same day.

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