Achieve Well-Defined, Natural-Looking Lips With Permanent Lipstick


Would you like to add youthful color to your lips so that it looks like you’re wearing natural-looking lipstick, even first thing in the morning? You may have heard about having your lips plumped up with collagen for a sultry effect, but the latest lip treatment for a beautiful appearance is a noninvasive procedure known as permanent lipstick. Here’s a look at this method for enhancing lips and why you may want to consider it for yourself.

How Permanent Lipstick Works

Makeup is all about creating an illusion, and that’s exactly what permanent lipstick lip blush can do. While it won’t actually plump your lips as with having lip injections, permanent lipstick will make them look fuller and give them definition. The color depends on the look you wish to achieve as well as the natural tone of your lips. Natural pinks and nude colors are recommended for most people.

The Process of Permanent Lipstick

The permanent lipstick procedure is much like having a tattoo, although instead of ink, a pigment is used to ensure a natural look. The lip border is outlined, and the lipstick color is extended throughout the lip area. If the shape of your lips has imperfections, that can be corrected. Permanent lipstick is also beneficial if you have scarring or lip discoloration. Because of the sensitivity of the lip area, the procedure can be painful unless an anesthetic is used.

How Long Permanent Lipstick Lasts

Pigments used for permanent lipstick are thicker than the more watery ink used for a body tattoo, and they are not permanent. Due to the skin’s natural process of exfoliation, the pigment will last approximately 12 to 18 months.

The Effects and Benefits of Permanent Lipstick

During the healing process after the procedure, your lips may look and feel very dry, as if you have chapped lips. Your lips may also look swollen, especially right after the procedure. But after about two weeks, the beautiful effects of the treatment will be visible. Your lips will look their best at all times, even after a dip in the pool or working out at the gym. You won’t need to spend time applying lipstick, which can save you time during your morning routine and throughout your busy day. Best of all, permanent lipstick gives you the confidence of having a polished look at all times.

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At Ruth Swissa, with locations in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, we offer a range of beauty enhancement services, including permanent lipstick. Our highly skilled certified medical aesthetician specializes in medical tattooing and provides clients with natural-looking permanent makeup administered with a masterful, artistic touch. Contact us today to learn more about our services by calling 818-735-8818!

At Ruth Swissa, with locations in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, we offer a range of beauty enhancement services in online beauty shop, including permanent lipstick.

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