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Finding the right attire before moving out of the house has become a significant challenge in the recent past. Many people no longer value the clothes that they bought even though still new. They have rejected almost 90% of their clothes remaining with barely 10% to wear. Mornings have become a headache to many professionals before they leave for work because of choice of dress, celebrities pass through a hell of a time to find the best outfit for an upcoming event, moms, and other men and women are not exceptional either. If dressing is consuming much of your time and brain, RIDME is here for you.

RIDME is an online fashion app that connects you with the right image consultants to get the best opinion on any item you have in your closet. What you need to do is to take a photo while wearing your clothing, upload it and wait for a rating that will enable you to either retain it in your wardrobe or dispose it or either buy it or leave it, while at the shop.

Why prefer RIDME over the others?

Statistics indicate that there is a lot of trauma in dressing. Many people especially, the women, terribly panic at their closets, get depressed over their body image and waste much money buying clothes that they won’t wear.

RIDME app gives you enough confidence in your closet, ends the moments of seeing there is nothing to put on and the best opinion on your outfits from certified image consultants. The app also helps you choose clothes that fit and match the type of your body, saves your money from purchasing the wrong clothes, reduces stress and anxiety when dressing, and finally, it makes you feel better.

The app is out to assist in reducing wastage in the fashion industry, improve the working environments of the fashion employees, and make closets happy places by teaching people how to shop.

How do you use the RIDME App?

Remember, RIDME is now your stylist. Using it is just simple, like 123. You need to download it into your phone, take and upload a photo of the cloth at hand, and then wait for expert opinion in the form of a rating system.

The goodness with this app is that: you can find it quickly, upload images from anywhere, the opinion you get is genuine – not biased. You can further inquire about the view you get in that; you can get more information on why the experts have recommended the item or not. It is just fun to use RIDME.

Who should use RIDME?

RIDME is there for all the people, whether male or female, child or adult, old or young and employed or unemployed. It is best for: busy people, working professionals, women, and men in their 20s to 50s, socialites, social media lovers, those women who are retired, and want to gain confidence and those people who are always in public.

Get the RIDME app to polish your image conveniently from your phone.

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