6 Ways to fold a pocket square like a pro


Handkerchiefs have been used as an accessory since the 1400s. These were mostly used by affluent people and symbolize wealth. It was in the 1800s when these status symbols got a new face as the pocket square. The silk hankies or the ones with embroidery were the most admired. With a two-piece suit in trend, people like to keep their kerchiefs separate from the coins and rubber in their pockets. So, people started wearing them as pocket squares, where these are folded in interesting shapes and place in the upper pockets to complete the outfit. Here are some ways to fold your Declic square like a pro and mark your impression.

  • Square fold

This is also called the presidential fold. This elegant fold is the simplest. All you have to do is to fold your square in half three times. First, fold in half, now fold in half on itself. Once again fold it vertically half and there you go. You get a small square that fits in your pocket and peeps out from the top. The fold looks best with the professional buttoned-up wears. To get the maximum of it to use a white cloth and iron the folds to make them sharp and clear.

  • Two-point fold

This fold is great to team with both plain and patterned fabric. This fold gives you an edge over others and makes you shine in a smart gathering. You should fold the pocket square in half with the corners a bit crooked placed next to each other. Now bring one corner side diagonal to two-third of the length and repeat the same for the other side. Now fold the bottom ensuring that you get the right height when you place it in the pocket.

  • Three-point fold

This one is a bit challenging and preferred for formal looks or for weddings. You have to fold the pocket square so that the diagonally opposite corners meet making the first peek. Now fold the other two corners to form two peeks close to the first one. Fold the sides to size the square to fit into your pocket. An asymmetric three-point fold is the ideal one.

  • Four-point fold

This fancy look is best to show off your fashion. You fold the square in half keeping the corners askew. These form the first two points. Now fold the other two bottom corners similar to in three-point fold to create the other two points. Fold the bottom to get a neat finish that fits into your pocket. Use a thin fabric like linen to get a perfect look.

  • Winged fold

This is suitable for a subtle display of style. You fold the pocket square into half in a triangular shape. Now bring the two wider corners to meet the third one to create a peek with a part at the center. Fold other sides to make it fit to slip into your pocket. This intricate fold surely grabs the attention.

  • Scallop fold

This is a very stylish fold that is suitable for both casual and formal wear. You fold the pocket square twice into half diagonally. Now you fold the widest corner to meet the third one making a broad layered shape at the top. You can make the folds perfectly for a formal look and separate the layers for a casual one.

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