Recovery From Wisdom Teeth Removal: A Quick Guide


Did you know that as many as 95% of humans are born with at least one wisdom tooth?

While wisdom teeth may have served our ancient ancestors well, modern dentistry and good oral hygiene habits have made wisdom teeth useless. Lots of people wonder, “What are wisdom teeth good for?” The answer is that they can cause a lot of dental issues without providing any benefits.

This is why most dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth before they have the chance to emerge and overcrowd your mouth. Keep reading this guide on recovery from wisdom teeth removal before you go to your appointment.

Change Your Gauze Often

During the first day after your surgery, you’ll have to change the gauze in your mouth to help absorb the blood. This will help the wounds start to close and heal. You can bite down softly to apply pressure on the wounds.

Eat Soft Foods and Try to Avoid Chewing Near the Wounds

One of the worst parts about wisdom teeth removal is that you won’t be able to eat many kinds of foods for a while. Your mouth will be tender and you’ll have to reduce chewing as much as possible. Stock up on soft but filling foods like eggs, yogurt, mashed potatoes, rice, and soup.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

One of the most important wisdom teeth removal tips is to keep your mouth as clean as possible by mastering the best brushing techniques. You should also do saline rinses several times a day to kill any harmful bacteria in your wounds. Always be gentle while you clean so you don’t reopen the wounds.

Take Medication as Prescribed

If you want to make wisdom teeth removal recovery as quick and painless as possible, then you need to take your medication exactly as prescribed. Finish the full round of antibiotics and take painkillers whenever you feel discomfort creeping in.

Use an Ice Pack to Reduce Swelling

We’ve all seen goofy pictures of people looking like chipmunks with full cheeks after wisdom tooth surgery. The easiest way you can keep swelling at a minimum is to apply an ice pack to your cheeks every couple of hours. You can ask your doctor about anti-inflammatories that are safe to take as well.

Get Plenty of Rest

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a big trauma for your body. As a result, you’ll need to take things easy so your body can focus on healing. Be sure to sleep a lot and avoid any strenuous activities for a couple of weeks after your surgery.

It’s Important to Learn About Recovery From Wisdom Teeth Removal

Recovery from wisdom teeth removal is rarely easy, but it’s nice to know that there are tons of tips that can make this process more tolerable. This wisdom teeth removal guide will have you feeling well again as soon as possible.

Having a healthy and beautiful smile will boost your self-confidence. If you’d like to collect some more lifestyle tips, check out our website.

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